Heerak Jyoti Mahanta – Man who created the history


Heerak Jyoti Mahanta

It was the same day but 19 years ago when the world was celebrating New Year party and someone had to sacrifice himself under conspiracy to maintain his principle. His family was knocking door to door till the night of this day for help to save him from being certainly killed. And he was surrounded by enemies to determine whether to lose or to save his principle. Finally, he created the history of sacrifice at the same moment while the world was enjoying New Year Party.

On Tuesday, December 31, 1991, the then Deputy C-in-C of ULFA Captain Heerak Jyoti Mahanta was arrested from the house of Nripen Baruah in Guwahati and killed at the same night. Heerak Jyoti Mahanta was not the guerrilla who had the idea of give up. Instead he was the key person and Commander of ULFA in the first ever battle between ULFA and Indian Army under Operation Bajrang at Lakkhipothar of Tinsukia in early November, 1990. The Captain led his organization in that battle with massive guerrilla tactics and knocked out Indian Army with the booby trap, landmine under the water root and bamboo made mud traps. However, the same Captain had to give up the battle of his last day to save the family where he and his security personals Dhruba Talukdar and Akan Baishya were taking shelter. He was not aware about the conspiracy of his own fellows and had to lay down his life creating the milestone of the history of Assam.

According to the source of ULFA and family of Heerak Jyoti Mahanta there was conspiracy going on to kill him, but he was un-aware about it. Army arrested him along with his two security personnel from the home of Nripen Baruah(relative of Heerak Jyoti Mahanta) and took to Geetanagar Police Station before the group of around 200 ULFA guerrilla reached the place to rescue their Commander. After getting the joint green Signal from the then Chief Minister Hiteswar Saikia, Central Home Ministry and the General Secretary of ULFA Anup Chetia[1], Heerak Jyoti Mahanta was shot at the police station and later declared as killed by Army at Chandrapur while he tried to escape.

While the world was getting wish of New Year in January, 1992 the family of Heerak Jyoti Mahanta got the New Year surprise about their Heerak. And from that day history itself started and now the world knows him.

Family of Heerak Jyoti Mahanta and his organizational fellow proudly pay attribute to him at his 20th Death Anniversery.

History of Assam still has another definition of 31st December.

1] Heerak Jyoti Mahantaloi Monot Porene Paresh Baruah, ULFA-r Swadhin Asomor Swopono DuhSwopno, Natoon Somoi, 2004, a report with interview of Heerak Jyoti Mahanta’s parents Ratnapati Mahanta & Bimala Mahanta.

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Heerak Jyoti Mahanta – Man who created the history

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