HIV victim appeals for Mercy Killing


HIV victim Anil AgarwalBy- Staff Correspondent | Date- August 31, 2012

Anil Agarwal of Jorhat is a businessman in his forties who according to many is of jovial nature and a prominent businessman enjoying life in his best, starting his day with a morning walk through the streets of Jorhat, puja offerings and finally settling with his hardware shop and other scores. Being socially active and taking part in various social events Anil was amongst a few like others who maintained a cordial relationship with members of different communities.

During his peak of business, Anil often visited the different parts of the country in search of new avenues and larger business connections to enhance trade relations of Jorhat with other cities. On one such visit Anil met with an accident and was admitted to a hospital where the doctors after preliminary investigation found Anil to be a HIV+ve infected person. This declaration changed his life forever and ever since the tragic findings Anil’s life has changed bitterly to a situation where Anil appeals to everyone in the society for mercy killing and repeats,  “If anyone can give me relief and free me from the worldly shackles, I will always pray for his well being either from hell or heaven because I don’t know where almighty God will put me for the sins I have committed.”

Agarwal as his title suggests belongs to the predominant Marwari trading community and resides in a busy commercial place of Jorhat. Staying in a joint family succeeded by two elder brothers and a younger one, Anil has accused the three of mentally and physically torturing him and making plans to dislodge him from his rightful share of the property which is valued at several Crores of rupees. Talking exclusively to Times of Assam, Anil told the different tortures and third degree meted out to him and how he had been discarded from society by his three brothers. As for readers discretion Times of Assam has abstained from re-enacting the tales of the crimes committed on Anil. As he says, “I have been denied medical treatment and at the pretext of providing me ART treatment they took me to a doctor practicing at Mercy Home a rehabilitation center where the three brothers allegedly paid the doctor a hefty amount to declare him mentally retarded while directly accusing Dr H K Goswami Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, Silchar Medical College.” But Anil questions, “if I am mentally not stable and a danger to the society than why I am being accepted by Jahnavi Goswami to work with Red Ribbon Express and provided an I card signed by the Additional District Magistrate Kamrup and provided the much needed medical treatment to live long years at the initiative of Jahnavi Goswami.” Locals in and around the residence of the Agarwal have cited that they often hear Anil shout at night when he is being beaten up. Times of Assam on its visit to Anil’s home found that he is being subjected to a mental torture and left alone to die in a room in the most unhygienic conditions with accumulation of drums of paints and an unwashed mosquito net, discarded clothes and a mattress. A condition where even animals won’t prefer to stay.

It must not shock readers when we narrate the story of Anil and many others who are infected with this deadly disease and the taboos and social myths associated with AIDS. Of late Anil has started drinking heavily and asked why he remains so intoxicated when he knows the fatal impact it might have at his health, Anil replied “When I am being denied medicines to live life, why shouldn’t I end my life by drinking. As I don’t have that guts to commit suicide so I want to end life by using this method because I know none in the society can relieve me from the dreaded reality of life”.

Talking exclusively to Times of Assam, Jahnavi Goswami informed that Anil is indeed a good person under the guidance of her organization now and that he often writes and complains about the ill treatment subjected at him and many police cases are registered in Jorhat police station seeking protection from his family members agianst their violent torture. Jahnavi further said, “When this is the case with a man, just imagine how difficult it becomes for a women, a girl when she gets infected with AIDS and avoided by the society.”

Through Times of Assam Anil has appealed to the society both in India and abroad to help him in at this hour of distress.

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HIV victim appeals for Mercy Killing

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 13 min