Where are we Heading towards

An article by Anirudha Bhakat Chutia


For some of us the term glocalisataion might be very new, though it has been an issue of concentration by some leading writer including Dr Hiren Gohain and late Parag Kumar Das. In fact same was with me when I came across it for the first time. But as I tried to get more into the meaning of this term, I found an amazing world. A world unexplored and a world which lies in our own neighbourhood. Although Dr Hiren Gohain described it as another ism of modern world, late Parag Kumar Das claimed it came into our society due to lack of humanity and proper sense of nationalism.

With the advancement of science and technology we are travelling at a very high speed in the highway of development. The way of life is changing drastically. And so are our thoughts and philosophies. But in this change which is of course for the good, we are letting some bad elements into our society. And citing broad minded thinking and modernity, we are overlooking them, only to project ourselves as modern and highly educated.

This age, is the age of Globalization. With the world in the grip of our hand we are now capable of walking in other planets of the solar system. But will this development and change in the global scenario, help in constructing our own society and house in any way? Today, no doubt we are moving fast towards modernization and development but can you tell me the details of your root. This question is particularly for the youngsters, for whom I feel pity.

I would like to cite an example here which my grandfather used to tell me. He often used to tell me that only a thief can tell the details of others house in a better way than that of his own house. I never tried to understand the depth of the sentence as a child. But when I grew up and tried to face the world on my own, I learnt the in-depth meaning which my grandfather always tried to make me understand as a child. Today, all of us are becoming thieves. We don’t know the initials of our own culture and tradition, but yes salute to the hegemonic pressure on us; we know their culture in a better way.

Western culture is no doubt a very rich and developed culture. But are we taking the goods of it. For us westernisation is turning out to be a curse. And so is more and more Indianisation. To take the goods of a culture and to add them into our culture will enrich our culture, the culture and tradition of Northeast in a united way. Cultural exchange is beneficial for both cultures, but is it happening here. We are taking the bad of it and in times accuse them of having a bad culture.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages has been always a tradition in the Northeast. But was by any chance reckless drinking? The arrival of ‘Bar and Disco’ culture to the Northeast is good. But are we serving our traditional drinks in those bar and disco’s. What we are doing over there is showing our nude butts to the outsiders who come to have holidays here, so that they can kick on our ass after going back. Can’t we serve our traditional alcoholic beverages in those places, which are now giving the region a place in the national media for negative purposes?

Glocalisation is not a new term; it is just a combination of globalisation and localisation. This term means act locally while thinking globally. And this is where we need to work out. Today we have lost everything to globalisation; we have even lost our tastes eating Domino’s, Mc Donald’s and KFC’s. But are we trying to do their bit. Mc Donald’s restaurant chain itself is an example of globalization and glocalisation. Recently for promotions of the chain restaurant in France, they chose to replace its familiar Ronald McDonald mascot with Asterix the Gaul, a popular French cartoon character. But have we ever tried to give them our own taste.

We don’t need to go too far to get an example. Just go to the south and you will get the local taste everywhere and yes they are far more developed in comparison to us. Go to Maharastra and you will have the same encounter. So, who is the failure at the end of the day? You are sacrificing our own culture and traditions for the sake of another culture and we are shedding tears looking at our own dying culture. What’s the need for these fake tears?

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Where are we Heading towards

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