I am not going to finish halfway up the Mountain – Paresh Baruah

Denying the possibility of any lateral talk with Union of India, ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah alias Paresh Asom said that former Chairman of the outfit, Arabinda Rajkhowa is trying to mislead the Assamese people on the issue of ULFA’s decade long armed struggle to regain sovereignty.

In a press release sent by Major General Paresh Baruah to Times of Assam, the ULFA C-in-C urged Arabinda Rajkhowa not to divert and mislead the Assamese people using his name in the issue of lateral talk. He also said, “I did never take the stand to betray aim, principle and ideology of the ULFA, nor I will do it ever. Even our prime enemy Indian state is also aware about it. Even so, if Rajkhowa isn’t certain about my stand, then its his own problem. I have realized that, there is no need of armed struggle to seek for any solution of Indo-Assam political conflict within the circular of Indian state.”

Giving a hard slam to the former Chairman of the outfit, Paresh Baruah also said, “I am not the Commander of those principleless cadres who left the aim and object, principle and ideology of our organization, who have accepted Indian constitution. Once a time they used to shout as Colonial Indian State, and now they have accepted the same as their Central Government.”

“I would prefer death as pride rather than being a Commander of principleless cadres and in time I will prove that. I can’t betray 14,000 martyrs”, Paresh Baruah also added.

Citing his stand on lateral talk with Union of India, the ULFA C-in-C said, “I am not going to finish halfway up the mountain.”

Mentionable that on March 6, 2013, a team of ULFA(Pro-Talk) faction and official of Union of India held a round of talk where Arabinda Rajkhowa claimed Paresh Baruah is still their C-in-C and Baruah will  too come for lateral talk.

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