I was restricted to talk with Manmohan Singh- Mukul Mahant

Mukul Mahant
Mukul Mahant
Mukul Mahant

Where few members of Peoples Consultative Group formed by ULFA in September 2004, have demanded an apology from ULFA Chairmen Arabinda Rajkhowa for commenting PCG as unconstitutional, the head of PCG Mukul Mahant revealed some flushing fact about the lateral talk tried earlier through the group.

Talking to Times of Assam, the Consultant Engineer, who spent his service life in Canada and came back to Assam in the late 1980s, Mr. Mahant clearly said that there were no meaningful happened at the PCG-GoI initiative. Yesterday in a press meet held at Guwahati Press Club, PCG members Arup Borbora, Ajit Kumar Bhuyan and Haidar Hussain demanded an apology from ULFA Chairmen Rajkhowa. The trio appealed for an apology alleging Arabinda Rajkhowa as a twin-faced person for forming PCG and now stating it as unconstitutional by the law of ULFA.

Mukul Mahant who was given charge as the Chief PCG member said Times of Assam in an interview that he was restricted to talk with Manmohan Singh at the PCG-GoI talks with other PCG members. ‘Most of them were always busy with posing before the camera and throwing speech to media personnel, instead of prime issues in every step of PCG-GoI talks. When I was talking with Manmohan Singh, one of them dug at my thigh under the table, and I had to utter Aauchh in worry and pain’, Mahant also added.

Claiming Freedom of Assam is beneficial for both GoI and Assam itself, Mahant said- ‘I told Manmohan Singh: You liberate us, we will Liberate you. Otherwise, this Indo-Assam conflict will destroy India like slow poisoning. Manmohan Singh only smiled as the answer and nothing happened after that in that long procedure. No talks happened instead of going and coming, posing before cameras and arranging press meets. I have already said other PCG members that I am not interested in their un-necessary press meets and posing before cameras, and I am not going to attend any meetings of PCG.’

However, Mahant also stated that though Freedom of Assam is the only alternative, Freedom cannot be gained by Guns but by the mind only. He said, ‘No help of Chinese arms or shelter can give us Freedom. The Assamese nation has to be aware of the importance of it. Instead of going towards the base goal, un-necessary inter-conflicts are just meaningless issues. Assam has every resource to be a rich Independent country but to achieve Independence Assamese Nation has to grow up as a Nation, which is far away now.’

Mahant also said that only talks can solve problems, not the guns.

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I was restricted to talk with Manmohan Singh- Mukul Mahant

By: Dhruba Jyoti Deka Read time: 7 min