If India dares, let the people of Boroland to decide their destiny – NDFB Chief I K Songbijit


National Democratic Front of Boroland(NDFB) is now divided into three factions as NDFB(Pro) led by Dhiren Boro, NDFB(R) led by Ranjan Daimary and hardliner group of NDFB led by Songbijit Ingti Kathar. The outfit formed in the mid-eighties of the 20th century in middle Assam with the goal of Independent Boroland and known as Boro Security Force(BSF) at that time which changed to the current one in 1994.

NDFB Chief I K SongbijitAlthough a major portion of the outfit is divided and in lateral talk with Union of India after arrest of its leaders Ranjan Daimary and others, the Military Chief of the outfit I K Songbijit alias Songbijit Ingti Kathar is still a way of Indian awaiting and in leadership of the outfit’s lone portion but its original goal of Independent Boroland.

Led by I K Songbijit, NDFB is well allied with ULFA[I] and KLO. Under the leadership of I K Songbijit, NDFB is reforming and in practice of Independent Boroland. In an interview with Times of Assam, the yet untraceable military chief of NDFB said that they vowed to fight unto death.

Times of Assam: First, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to commute you for this interview. Please treat our questions as the questions of people, not of a media.

I K Songbijit: Of course, I will. Thank you.

Times of Assam: After Ranjan Daimary’s node for a lateral talk with GoI, NDFB is now dividend as NDFB(Pro), NDFB(R) and NDFB(S) which one is said as your faction. What do you want to say after starting the struggle for a common cause and then getting divided into three factions? Does each of you (factions) really struggle for a practical cause of revolution?

I K Songbijit: Differences of idea and ideology separate people. We don’t want to comment on other parties. However, NDFB is struggling and will struggle for our genuine cause – Independent Boroland.

Times of Assam: You want Independent Boroland, but BLT has taken BTAD, two factions of NDFB have agreed for not going beyond of Indian Constitution. In such a case, which portion of the people you are representing for Independent Boroland?

I K Songbijit: We have been representing each and every right thinking people of Boroland.

Times of Assam: Don’t you agree that the struggle for Boro rights has got divided or divided to create internal unrest among your own community?

I K Songbijit: False promises and sweet words of Indian political jugglers will no longer succeed to divide us in our struggle for Bodo Rights.

NDFB do hope that one day we can reunite and fight together for the liberation of Boroland.

Times of Assam: In a video press release from ULFA[I], we can see that NDFB that you lead and ULFA[I] are in a knot for guerrilla warfare and jungle camps. As the goal of struggles of both of you and ULFA[I] are different, doesn’t the knot conflicts in your regular practice(revolution)?

I K Songbijit: NDFB represents the people of Boroland and ULFA represents the people of Assam. We have more similarities than differences. So the question of conflicts does not arise.

Times of Assam: So you want an Independent Boroland! What will be the map of your Independent Boroland? Will that map cover Boroland of Hagrama and Ranjan Daimary, as they don’t want to go beyond Indian binding? If the map covers them too, then won’t your struggle conflict with the Kamatapur struggle, as the same geographical area is shared by the demanders of Kamatapur state and Boroland state under Indian territory?

I K Songbijit: The land inhabited by the Boro people will be the map of independent Boroland. Historically, the Koch and the Boro are of the same ancestry.

The Koch are not mushroom that grows overnight in the 16th century AD. Mythological evidence of 5000 years back proves that before the first king of Pragjyotishpur (Guwahati) Mairang Raja (Sankritised as Mahiranga Danav), the Koch and the Boro had the same ethnic roots. We are enjoying a satisfactorily good relationship with the Kamatapur Liberation Organization (KLO) and do hope we can surely solve any problem that may crop up among ourselves.

NDFB Army Training

Times of Assam: We have witnessed from the past where revolutionaries talk about Independence until they are behind the bar of enemy and change tone after under control of enemies. How followers of your revolution will be sure that the same won’t be done by you as done by Ranjan Daimary and George Boro, etc?

I K Songbijit: Nelson Mandela is also a revolutionary who had been under the control of enemies at a time but he didn’t change his tone.

But I would like to tell you the truth that the path of struggle is not laid with a red carpet. We have to overcome many obstacles. But we have vowed to fight unto death.

NDFB Martial Arts Training

Times of Assam: If revolution is what you claim is maintained by you, then why attacks against civilians or non-Boro people are carried by your outfit in past and present?

I K Songbijit: History indicates that, in war, killing is inevitable. This is what they call ‘collateral damage’. So, we are very sincere about civilian casualties in our revolution. If any Boro or Non-Boro people are found to have involved themselves in anti-NDFB activities, they will not be tolerated. Indian security forces have killed more than 15,000 freedom loving innocent people of Boroland in the last five decades.

Times of Assam: After Ranjan Daimary’s nod for lateral talk and separation from you, who is holding the position of your Chairman and Dy C-in-C?

I K Songbijit: There is no designation as Chairman in the NDFB constitution. However the General Meeting of the NDFB held on 13th& 14th of November, 2012 has elected I K Songbijit(Me) as The Interim President of the Party for a period of one year and Capt. G Bidai has been unanimously appointed as The Deputy Chief of Boroland Army.

B R Ferengga, NDFB Spokesman

Times of Assam: How strong you are and will be, to fight against the Indian Forces that is huge in counts and equipped with the power to mass destructs? If you continue the armed path, then you have to stand in the last battle against India represented by billions of Army, CRPF, BSF like forces and their mass destructive weapon and power. How you would prepare for that? Do you have that much civil public support and war base?

I K Songbijit: Only might alone is not able to decide victory. That’s why the most powerful Israel is compelled to recognize the independence of Palestine; the same happened in case of Kosovo also.

NDFB Army Training

As a revolutionary guerrilla organization we must know our strength and weaknesses. I am telling you the truth that we are stronger than India in terms of unity. In other words unity is our capital. One day this unity of the revolutionary organizations in this region will bring us victory over our common enemy, India.

On other hand, India has many weaknesses. Indian leaders are not leaders of the masses but thieves. Yes, they are thieves; that’s why each and every leader becomes billionaire overnight, but the common people they lead (or mislead!) are subjected to a very pitiable life condition.

One day these corruptions and diversity in religion, caste, and community will lead India towards balkanization into 600 pieces. It is only a matter of time.

Times of Assam: If GoI asks you for lateral dialogue, will you agree? Do you have any plan for achieving your goal in non-violent way or by lateral talk?

I K Songbijit: England is going to hold a referendum on the 18th September, 2014 on Scotland independence.

So, we, the NDFB, would like to appeal to GOI to hold referendum on Boroland independence and give peace a chance; thereby the people of Boroland would decide their destiny.

Times of Assam: Do you read Times of Assam? If so, what you want to say people through us?

I K Songbijit: Yes. We would like to appeal through the Times of Assam to the people of Boroland and so-called North East region as well to support our struggle wholeheartedly, so that we can give them freedom, freedom from exploitation of men by men, oppression, and suppression. We should remember that only freedom can bring us permanent peace and prosperity.

(Interview was taken by Dhruba Jyoti Deka)

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If India dares, let the people of Boroland to decide their destiny – NDFB Chief I K Songbijit

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