India plans to hunt down Paresh Baruah using GPS technology


By- Correspondent | Date- June 16, 2011 | Place- New Delhi

The use of modern satellite technologies in hunting down dreaded criminals or finding the hideouts of militants is not new to the world. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to hunt down those militants who keep themselves hidden in the remote areas is also not new. Presently the Indian Intelligence  is also trying to do the same, i.e. use modern satellite technology, in its quest to hunt down Paresh Baruah, who is heading the hardliner group of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA). Sources has informed Times of Assam that the Indian Intelligence with the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) has prepared a sattelite map of Taka, a jungle area in the border of China-Myanmar. Paresh Baruah is presently believed to be in that area. The place is a convenient area for Baruah and his group as being close to China, on the hint of any danger can regularly alter their bases between Myanmar and China.

Recently a 14-member Indian delegation led by Shambhu Singh, Joint Secretary (North East), Ministry of Home Affairs and representatives from Manipur Government and official from the Government of Myanmar held a meeting at Kalewa, about 50 kms from Moreh, Myanmar. The prime issue discussed in the meeting though was about the border fencing at Moreh in Manipur’s Chandel district, but sources say that the issue of Baruah’s expulsion from the Burmese soil could also have been discussed; details though are not revealed to the media. If the issue was raised in the meeting, then there is every possibility that the Indian Government pressurized the Government of Myanmar to take immediate action against the ULFA camps in their soil. The satellite maps then come handy for the Myanmar Army, who has been shooting down ULFA cadres since the 1980s. The possible all around attack of the Myanmar Army will leave Paresh Baruah with no other option then to flee towards China and once in China, Baruah will be trapped completely as his entry and exit to Myanmar will become impossible.

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India plans to hunt down Paresh Baruah using GPS technology

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 6 min