Indian Railways to start GPS tracking system


By- Correspondent | Date- October 20, 2011

The Indian Railways is going to start a Real-time Train Information System (RTIS) to the public which works on GPS technology. This newly designed GPS-based train tracking system, which also uses satellites service is expected to immensely overcome a lot of the limitations of the existing Train Running Information System.

However it would take some time to incorporate the service full-fledged and as of now, only this service would be made available to the public only in a few trains to begin with.

The GPS-based train tracking system has been jointly developed by the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. The pilot project has already been done and it is stated by officials that the system is working successfully in a number of trains already.

The system will provide to the public and passengers information such as train location, running position such as whether it is running on time or late and by how much, location with respect to the next stop in terms of kilometers, etc.

As per a release from the Ministry of Railways, it has been decided to implement RTIS to track all trains, passenger as well as freight trains. For this, a work has been approved in Railway Budget 2011 at a cost of Rs. 110 crore. The project is likely to be completed by December 2012.

The trains for which the information will be available to the public in the first phase are:

12301 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani

12302 New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani

12305 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani

12306 New Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani

12313 Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani

12314 New Delhi-Sealdah Rajdhani

12951 Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani,

12952 New Delhi-Mumbai Central Rajdhani

12953 Mumbai Central-Nizamuddin August Kranti Rajdhani

12954 Nizamuddin-Mumbai Central August Kranti Rajdhani

12003 Lucknow-New Delhi Shatabdi and

12004 New Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi.

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Indian Railways to start GPS tracking system

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