It’s official – I K Songbijit is no more NDFB member


Noted militant leader I K Songbijit alias Songbijit Ingti Kathar is no more a member of hardliner NDFB outfit. The former Interim President cum Commander-on-Chief was kicked out from the outfit by its permanent committee with dissolving the Interim Committee.

In a latest press release sent to the Times of Assam by newly appointed NDFB President B Saoraigwra – it is said that, following a General Assembly held on April 14, 2015 & April 15, 2015 – the INTERIM NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NDFB was dissolved and a new NATIONAL COUNCIL was formed.


The hardliner faction of NDFB was known as NDFB(S) – carrying the able leadership of I K Songbijit. I K Songbijit alias Songbijit Ingiti Kathar was the Commander of the outfit since it was headed by founding Chairman Ranjan Daimary. I K Songbijit was from Karbi ethnic group that belongs to the main tribe KACHARI.

Joint Secretarues,  NATIONAL COUNCIL of NDFB

As per the press release – there is no more NDFB Songbijit faction and it is NDFB only. The press release also declared its committee headed by B Saoraigwra as the President and B R Ferrenga as the General Secretary. NIA accused G Bidai was appointed as Vice President. The committee introduced N E Esara as the Publicity Secretary and B Dwmwilu as Finance Secretary. D Rebgon was appointed as Home Secretary and B L Dinga was appointed as Organizing Secretary.

I K Songbijit was removed not only from his organizations positions and ranks but also removed from the outfit’s general membership also.

Meanwhile, a source of NDFB said the Times of Assam that I K Songbijit was removed from the outfit as per advise of DGP of Assam and General Secretary B R Ferrenga was under control of DGP since last 3 years. B R Ferenga is the prime conspirator inside the NDFB and he is maintaining close contact with state DGP and Army.

With the help of B R Ferenga – Assam Police & Army were able to gun down over 200 NDFB cadres and arrested more than 500 cadres in last 3 years.

Due to typing error B Saoraigwra was mistakenly named as the conspirator and spy of state DGP. It is B R Ferrenga who is maintaining close contact with DGP & performed conspiracy to remove I K Songbijit from the outfit.
Times of Assam seeks apology from its reader for the sensitive confusion.

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It’s official – I K Songbijit is no more NDFB member

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 6 min