Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed – No Action against black money in Swiss Bank

Anna Hazare

By- Correspondent | Date- July 23, 2011

Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev’s fight against corruption will see the light of the dawn very soon, the moment Jan Lokpal Bill is passed in the parliament in the coming month. Jan Lokpal Bill is an anti-corruption bill, drafted solely with the purpose to curb corruption by prominent civil society activists. It seeks the appointment of a Jan Lokpal, an independent body that would investigate corruption cases, complete the investigation within a year and envisages trial in the case getting over in the next year.

The bill speaks strongly about the actions that will be taken against those who are found guilty of corruption in various official departments. It though do not say anything about the ways to bring back the already deposited black money of Indian politicians, business tycoons, bureaucrats etc, or mention any way as how will it monitor as who is dpositing how much money in foreign banks. This gives a free license to the politicians, business tycoons or the bureaucrats to deposit their money in Swiss bank. Janlokpal Bill in realitity will not check in as who is doing what corruption or whose black money is deposite where.

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Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed – No Action against black money in Swiss Bank

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min