Lady leaves husband to join ULFA and its significance


In the recent weeks there has been news of a twenty three year old women has joined the United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA) upon her husband forcing her to abort her fourth child. She has been reported to have taken the step being unable to tolerate degradation of her womanhood at the hands of her husband anymore. Her name is Rina Bala Roy and she has left home declaring her intention to join the ULFA and be a part of its avowed aims. On the surface this incident seems to be trivial that a bereaving woman wants to take revenge on her husband using the ULFA. However, delving deep into her decision confronts us with searching questions.

Abortion is a social evil which is wide spread among Indians. Modern tests’ being able to identify female fetuses and India is now the country is in front of the league of female feticide in the world. However abortion is illegal in India and her Penal Codes have severe punishments in these cases. However, instead of seeking justice under the Indian legal system, Rina Bala Roy joining the ULFA has proven again that people of Assam has no faith on the Indian legal process. Such a significant step on her part forsaking her family ties, uprooting the deep love she held once, certainties in life and security of a family and all is not a small matter. It is indeed a most difficult choice a married woman has to make.

In the socio-political set up in Assam today, women can seek shelter and to feel secure, there are voluntary, governmental or non-governmental organizations in place to seek help from. There is even a special Act to protect women. Moreover, she is not without her own folks, kith and kin to fall back upon. But Rina Bala decided not to seek help from any of these. Because she is no stranger to the overt hypocrisy in the society, legal loopholes, oppression and atrocities women have to face and she took it no more. In contrast she has come to a deep conviction that the ULFA can bring in the social revolution, rule of law in the truest sense and perceptive equality in the society. She might had believes that the ULFA has now reached that maturity to deliver social justice in every aspect of Assam’s social fabric and to her people. Rina choosing ULFA’s aims in contrast with deceitful, tortuous and unreliable Indian legal umbrella has proven that the banned organization has values on which she could place her unshakable trust. This can be meant that the organization has come of age and her decision will be seen as another watershed moment for emancipation of the masses.

Some may not admit, but, it is widely believed that the ULFA standing firm in its aims is the last ray of hope in the heart of people of Assam. Rina Bala’s decision has reinforced the validity of this realization. Her decision has mocked the so called intellectuals’ incessant propaganda to label the ULFA as a terrorist organization. More importantly, her action has made it abundantly clear that so called intellectuals views on ULFA does not influence the appreciation of the common people at large. It is easy to draw the inference that the so-called intellectuals actually are disconnected from the common people.

Now, the most important aspect at this point is how the ULFA leadership would evaluate the trust and hope the common people places on the organization. This question arises now that as in the bygone years Ex-ULFA Chairman has failed the people pitiably. Would the new ULFA Chairman Dr. Abhizeet Asom be able to carry forward the organization aims and aspirations firmly forward and bring on social justice to fulfillment? He should be aware that the time is ticking. People cannot wait infinitely.

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