Militants of Bangladesh using weapons of ULFA


By- Swadesh Roy

Bangladesh is facing now the illegal arms problem of united liberation front of Assam (ULFA).  Most of the militant leaders of ULFA have deported to India but they have left their arms in Bangladesh.  It is a large number of arms. ULFA gathered a large number of illegal arms in Bangladesh.  Ten Lorries of illegal arms were caught by police in Chittagong port of Bangladesh.  That illegal arms case is an on going trial in the court of Bangladesh. Intelligence branches of Bangladesh are investigating it.  They have found evidence already that, Paresh Baruah, the chief of army of ULFA was present in the Chittangong  port to unload the arms. A group of leaders of the then Islamic militant government of Bangladesh also helped to bring and unload the arms.  Bangladesh has already arrested a group of Islamic militant leaders on this case.

The unloading of ten lorries of illegal arms in Chittangong port has proven that, ULFA brought large number of arms in Bangladesh.  On the other hand, they have deported and been caught without arms.  Therefore, it can be said that, they had another safe place in Bangladesh where they hide their arms.

Some intelligence sources said that, in Bangladesh ULFA works with Islamic militants together.  Now many sources are saying that, some militant groups of Bangladesh are using the arms of ULFA.  Bangladesh police have already recovered a lot of arms and ammunition at  Mymensing district in Bangladesh.  This district’s border is near by Assam.  Therefore, police suspected that, these arms were left by ULFA.  The home ministry of Bangladesh is going to search and recover the arms left by ULFA.  Some of the police officers say that, it is not an easy job because more than fifty out law groups are in Bangladesh and most of them are Islamic militant.  ULFA worked with them and then most of the out law groups were nursed by an intelligence organization (now State Department of America says that it is a militant organization) of a particular country.  Present government has stopped that intervene of that intelligence group in Bangladesh already.  Therefore the outlaw groups already lost their power.  Besides that, the trials of war criminals are running now.  Most of the big shot of the war criminals are now in jail.  These war criminals are the main leader and the brain of the Islamic militant groups of Bangladesh.  They are the main agent of that particular country’s intelligence organization. ULFA has understood that, they have no room in Bangladesh.  However, Bangladesh has to face the consequence of ULFA; illegal arms of ULFA is one of them.  Islamic Militants are using their illegal arms.

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Militants of Bangladesh using weapons of ULFA

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