Mithinga Daimary denies rumours of badmouthing Saraniya community


Reacting to the recent controversy surrounding Mithinga Daimary alias Megan Kachari over his alleged foul mouthing of the Saraniya Community of Assam, Daimary has rubbished the rumors and further accused this as a conspiracy of those people involved in secret killings in the state.

In a press release sent to Times of Assam, the once spokesperson of the outlawed ULFA and now the publicity head of the Pro-Talk faction of the outfit currently engaged in lateral talks with the Government of India, Daimary has clarified that he has never spoken such words about the Saraniya Community and this is being used only to defame him for political reasons.

Daimary stated that he had recently gone to inaugurate the cultural programmes organized by the Nalbari Chapter of Nikhil Bodo Students Union as poet Megan Kachari and not as ULFA publicity head Mithinga Daimary. During his speech, Daimary admitted of speaking about the callousness of upper middle class section of Assamese of the past for who even Bihu Dance was an embarrassment. He had fervently stated that those elite and educated sections of Assam who always disrespected their culture and heritage must be spitted on for crushing the Assamese heritage. Daimary stated he still stands with his words for speaking against those people but denied speaking about any community, stating that people of the state knows that he would have never done that.

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Mithinga Daimary denies rumours of badmouthing Saraniya community

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 4 min