ULFA admits demanding 20 Lakh from Tea planter running Hospital


By- Staff Reporter | Date- March 21, 2012

The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has admitted demanding a sum of 20 Lakhs from N Stephen Nag, Chairman of St Luke Hospital at Chabua, Assam. However it has strongly denied demanding the money from the Charitable Hospital, clarifying that the demand was to N Stephen Nag personally as a Tea Planter and not from the hospital.

In a press release sent to Times of Assam by Joy Asom of the outfit’s Central Publicity Wing, ULFA claimed that N Stephen Nag has been using funds from the charitable hospital for his own Tea Plantation business and hence was demanded the money. Clarifying that the same hospital was the birth place of several Martyrs as well as current members of ULFA, the outfit stated that they would never demand money from it.

The press release from ULFA came as a reply to the Press Conference held by N Stephen Nag, where he had claimed that the hospital management has received a demand of 20 Lakh rupees from the Outfit and the hospital would not be able to pay the same. The outfit appealed to the people not to mix the two issues.

The ULFA press release also asked N Stephen Nag to clarify public what the exact conversation was, between him and the personnel of the outfit who had contacted him, and warned that otherwise N Stephen Nag would be liable for punishment from the outfit as an attempt to blackmail.

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ULFA admits demanding 20 Lakh from Tea planter running Hospital

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