Money made ULFA hardliner to lift up bandh call against Congress

Paresh Baruah
Paresh Baruah recent photo
Paresh Baruah

By- Correspondent, New Delhi

The declaration by the hardliner faction of the ULFA that they are taking off all Bandh calls during the period of 6th April to 15th May on occasion of Rongali Bihu celebrations in Assam is actually brought by the Congress.

A source of the outfit’s hardliner faction revealed to Times of Assam that there were negotiations between Congress(I) and Paresh Baruah so that ULFA calls off all protest activities during this crucial election period. As a part of this negotiation, the Paresh Baruah group has been paid over 50 crores of rupees by Congress.

The negotiation was made by taking help of a trusted old schoolfriend of Paresh Baruah, who has been known to act as a mediator between Paresh Baruah and Congress right from the days of late Chief Minister Hiteshwar Saikia in 1991.

It is to be mentioned that this is not the first time that ULFA is calling off protests or bandhs after being paid huge ransom. The Paresh Baruah had also called off its protest against organizing the National Games in Assam (in the year 2008) after being secretly paid over 100 crores of Rupees by the ruling Congress party of the state. That time too Paresh Baruah lifted off protests against the National Games by declaring that they are not against sportsmen and the people of Assam who would benefit from such a mega sports event. The same false trumpet is found to be blowing this time again with Paresh Baruah faction claiming that they are lifting bandhs so that people of Assam do not face inconvenience during the festive atmosphere of Rongali Bihu!

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Money made ULFA hardliner to lift up bandh call against Congress

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