NDFB(PRO) proposes 90% reservation in Boroland

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By- Staff Reporter | Date- February 08, 2012

The Pro-Talk faction of the Bodo Militant Group National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) yesterday proposed a skeletal sketch of their version of Boroland state which they have been demanding to be curved out of Assam.

In an email press release called Framework of the Skeleton of Boroland by NDFB (Pro-Talk), the banned militant outfit infamous for murdering hundreds of innocent civilians sought a separate statehood with the sole main reason that only 65% of seats in current Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD) are reserved for Tribal! It is to be mentioned that the total number of seats in BTC is now 46 out of which 30 is reserved for Scheduled Tribes, 5 of non-tribal communities, 5 open for all communities and 6 nominated by the Governor of Assam from the unrepresented communities in BTAD area, further of which two are reserved for women.

The NDFB demanded that Boroland should have a Legislative Assembly with as high as 90% of the total seats of the Legislative Assembly and 100% of parliamentary seats be reserved only for Tribal people. The break up was as follows, 70% of the total seats of the Boroland Legislative Assembly reserved for Boros, Koch-Rajbangshi community would be recognized as the Scheduled Tribes and 10% seats for them, 5% for the Rabha Community, 5% for the Adivasis, making a total of 90% reserved for Tribals.

The press release from NDFB stated to give a 5% reservation to non-tribal indigenous people out of Sympathy and the rest of seats are nominated by the President of India on the consent of the Boroland Government from the unrepresented communities.

On being approached by our correspondents, several civilians residing in proposed Boroland areas reacted differently, most did not want to be named. Some said that the demand was not unjustified but lacked practicality.

One retired Principal of a college in Kokrajhar stated on condition of anonymity, Does these Gun fighters now talking with a big mouth even knows that Kokrajhar had only 33.7% of its population as Scheduled Tribes according to the census of 2001? Sonitpur had only about 11% then. Just because you create new districts to show that you are a majority now does not mean that others do have any right to live. Even if Sonitpur has, let’s say 30% ST’s of its total population, how do you justify 90% reservation for them. There has to be respect for all and it will never come through quota and reservations, it will only worsen the problem. The aged principal who sounded upset on the phone pleaded, don’t tell them I have said this. Not that I am afraid of my death, but these people can harm my daughter or very possibly kidnap my school going grandchild.

One student leader surnamed Brahma was delighted. He simply stated, its time the Assamese people and the Government accepted the fact that they can no longer fool us. He shouted No Boroland No Rest, Jai Boro Harini, as he rode away on his Pulsar Bike.

One Bodo Doctor, also a Professor at Gauhati Medical College, said I appreciate the cause for which this started. But we cannot afford to neglect our own brothers and neighbors. We don’t want to be remembered as Hitler and Nazis; I want Bodos to be known for their culture, hospitality and beauty, not as blood and power thirsty bunch.

A journalist however replied tamely, I think Bodoland should be created soon. Bodos need it, just give it. It would solve some of Assam’s problem although they would become headache of Boroland State Government.

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NDFB(PRO) proposes 90% reservation in Boroland

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