NDFB threatens ULFA to not to mess up with their business


The Information & Publicity Secretary of NDFB (Pro-Talk) S Sanjarang has urged over the comment of ULFA leader Shasha Choudhury on the issue of separate Bodoland. In a press release sent by Sanjarang to the Times of Assam, he has pointed out some old facts about their conversion between ULFA & NDFB held in 1998 at the residence of NDFB Chief D R Nabla alias Ranjan Daimary at Dhaka.

In the press release, Sanjarang said, “Except some media publicity we could not gather information from other sources to confirm whether it is an agenda of the ULFA or personal view of Mr. Sasadhar Chaudhury stating that ‘it does not feel there is any requirement of creating a Separate Boroland, since the Assamese and the Boros have lived together for years’, at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Borjhar, on 15th February 2011, while returning from New Delhi.  We agree that as has been stated by Mr. Sasadhar Chaudhury the Assamese and the Boro people lived together for years but not as long as five thousand years because the exodus of the forefathers of the so-called Assamese people in this region started only in the last part of the sixteenth century. Of course, the Boro people have been living in this region for the last seven thousand years. Living together for long years cannot be the reason that the Boro people should be forced to live together with the Assamese people. The bitterness of living together with them has dispasted and fed up the Boro people. So they want Separate Boroland to get rid of the suffocating interference from the chauvinist leaders like Mr. Sashadhar Chaudhury.”

“Yes, the NDFB maintained good relations with the ULFA since Mr. Arabindra Rajkhowa, the Chairman visited our camp at Phulbari, Daifam, Bhutan in 1991. We supported and cooperated with each other in times of need. This friendly relationship between the ULFA and the NDFB continued until the NDFB signed the cease-fire agreement with the Government of India in 2005. They then distanced themselves and lost communication with us on the ground that we have come to a closer relationship with the Government of India. We did not mind their attitude even if we were misconstrued”, Sanjarang also stated.

Sanjarang further stated, “In 1998 we had a serious discussion with the ULFA leaders in D. R. Nabla’s residence in Dhaka regarding the bifurcation of the area between ULFA and the NDFB. Mr. Arabindra Rajkhowa, Mr. Paresh Barua, and Mr. Sasadhar Chaudhury from the ULFA and Mr. D.R. Nabla, Mr. M. Gerema, and I myself from the counterpart were present in the meeting. There was a free and frank discussion regarding the boundary line of Boroland and Assam. Being too enthusiastic Mr. Rajkhowa unexpectedly asked us to tell which area we want to have as Boroland. He expressed his willingness to fix the boundary line between Boroland and Assam then and there. Mr. D. R Nabla expressed that it would be improper and premature to fix the boundary line then and there. He said it was a serious matter and should be decided carefully. It needed not only further study and discussion but also the people’s opinion because it concerns the people of both. So the issue was suspended to be decided later after further discussion. In later years the matter was not brought back for further discussion. Such generous had been the ULFA leaders in those years and we still believe in their generosity. Being the indigenous people the sons of the soil of Assam have every right to self-determination and right to land and territory as per the UN Declaration for the Indigenous peoples’ rights. We respect them as our big brother and expect that they behave as the responsible big brother towards their younger brother and give the latter their due share without hesitation.  Our earnest appeal to the ULFA leaders therefore is – Please try your best to save the Assamese people from the aggression of the illegal migrants but do not try to mess up with our business.”

The press release also reads as Sanjarang says, “We are very much thankful to the leadership of the ‘Boroland Kalita Janagasti Parishad’ and welcome their bold sentiment for supporting the Separate Boroland Issue. We would also like to appeal to the people of all circles irrespective of caste, creed, and religion living within the proposed demarcated area of Boroland state to extend their bold sentiment in support of the Separate Boroland Issue. The NDFB (P) reiterates that all the people living within the proposed Boroland State will be provided with equal status, opportunities, and privileges, etc.”

Though Sanjarang has claimed a 13 years old fact, it should be also mentioned that the same NDFB(Pro Talk) faction has suspended NDFB Chief Ranjan Daimary accusing culprit of the October 30, 2008, incident.  Hence there will be the question of relevancy between the 13 years old discussion held at Ranjan Daimary’s residence and the current situation where the Pro-Talk group of NDFB has already suspended the same Ranjan Daimary.

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NDFB threatens ULFA to not to mess up with their business

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 14 min