NFNE extends moral support to Tripura Assembly of Journalists


By- Nava Thakuria | Date- July 20, 2011

The National Federation of Newspaper Employees (NFNE) has extended its moral support to Assembly of Journalists, a forum of editors, journalists, press photographers associated with newspaper, news agency and electronic media of Tripura for its ongoing agitation against the authority.

The media fraternity of Tripura has taken agitational path against the attacks on the journalists covering events of political programmes on July 10 and 11 last by the security personnel in its capital city Agartala.  According to local media eleven journalists were injured in the assaults of Tripura State Rifles jowans even after the journalists showed their Photo Identity Cards.

The Assembly of Journalists had organised a silent procession in the State capital city and also submitted a memorandum to the Governor of  Tripura on July 19 last. The memorandum argues  that ‘the journalists are occasionally subject to threat and intimidation and harassment by criminals, vested quarters, police and political activists in a bid to
debar them from discharging professional obligation or force them take diktat and indulge in unfairness’.

‘That the unprovoked assaults on the journalists covering events of political party in areas under East Agartala Police Station by the paramilitary Tripura State Rifles jowans, led by some police officers, was unprecedented and it was a direct infringement of Freedom of Expression and violated guarantees on rights of freedom of press and speech assured in the Constitution of India as well as in international charters,’  the memorandum added.

The NFNE, is a statement issued by its Eastern Zonal Secretary Nava Thakuria, urges the State government led by senior Left politician Manik Sarkar to take appropriate action against the guilty security personnel and also extends satisfactory compensation & supports to the wounded media persons for their appropriate treatment.

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NFNE extends moral support to Tripura Assembly of Journalists

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