Hillary Clinton conveys US annoyance over India Nuclear Deal


By- Correspondent | Date- July 20, 2011

The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton yesterday repeated support for the India-US civil nuclear deal. However she strongly voiced the US annoyance over India’s nuclear liability law which makes it possible to seek compensation from suppliers.

Clinton made it clear that it was a compulsion for India to ratify this year itself the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage. This convention decides on a nuclear operator’s financial liabilities, and ensures that its liability law conforms to requirements under the convention.

According to Clinton, all issues needed to be resolved to allow both India and the United States reap the rewards of the work that both governments have done. Clinton later stated that the recent NSG guidelines on transfer of fortification and reprocessing (ENR) technologies were not going to impact the civil nuclear pact between the two countries. However she did not confirm if the US would itself at some point think of giving similar technology to India.

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Hillary Clinton conveys US annoyance over India Nuclear Deal

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min