Notoriety of Assamese media – Lady Professor suffers

Compromising the very ethics of Journalism as described by the Press Council of India and shattering the principles of code of conduct, reporters of various electronic media and print houses have of late been accused of turning any small time situation into such a extent to increase TRP where viewers remain glued to their TV sets to watch the spicy part in that part of the news where the content is extremely volatile and viewers discretion is required. The recent GS Road incident involving the manhandling of a young girl by a gang of savages shocked the country when it was shot by two reporters of NewsLive when they were off their duty. Keeping in contrast to the GS Road incident, Times of Assam have found out a similar kind of an incident where instead of the young girl, a matured and educated lady professor of Nanda Nath Saikia College Titabor in Jorhat district was harassed by a reporter of DY365, Prakash Bordoloi, to such an extent while infringing upon the privacy of the said professor to a height where the lady professor threw and broke the camera inside college campus with which it was shot, accusing the professor of being drunk on duty. Interestingly the reporter didn’t even think necessary to record the video with permission from the Principal NN Saikia College Litool Baruah.

Dittymoni Bora, Head of the English Department at Nanda Nath Saikia College in Titabor has been in media limelight for almost six months now. After her first media exposure when Dittymoni broke a video camera while in the ensuing police case lodged by the reporter Prakash Bordoloi, Dittymoni Bora was sent for a medical examination where she was found to be in normal condition without any trace of intoxication. Dittymoni alleges, “Not contained with the result the reporter Prakash Bordoloi of Dy365 entering into a nexus with the General Secretary of AASU Titabor unit and a few professors of the Economics Department namely Ram Krishna Saikia and Inu Saikia hatched a conspiracy to irritate me in class with the help of those students who are affiliated to AASU and other student organization”. Developments of such situation went on unabated which ultimately forced the lady professor to parade in semi nude condition in front of the College Principal which had created ripples and had sent shock waves throughout the state.

Dittymoni cries foul and justifies her act of parading semi nude in front of the Principal in protest of gross criminal atrocities committed on her by a lobby of fellow professors who are wary of Dittymoni’s high education, smartness and good oratory power while stealing the limelight of each and every show, seminar and functions in the college which other professors hasn’t been able to muster despite years of service in the college. “I have completed most of my education and have to just submit my PHD paper after which I will be fit to join in as the principal on the basis of seniority. In fact they are jealous and don’t want me to get to the post of the principal, being a junior to them in age, said Ditty”.

“It all started in 1997 when I joined Nanda Nath Saikia College as a professor at a young age of 21. Since there was no alternative English classes and one meritorious student Vivek Shyam Panjeok of Kharikotia wanted to study the same, I personally took classes of Vivek in the common room to which many professors objected and when I started taking class nearby a pond within the campus, rumor soon spread that I had an illicit relationship with the student. Nevertheless Vivek is an ACS officer now posted in Dhemaji. I teach three to four hours which others don’t do. As in many instances the teachers unit of the college pokes me by saying that this is a local vernacular college and not Cotton College. Whatever the remarks which I don’t care at all but my dedication and hard work has brought to the college two university position of 1’st class third and eleventh position under Dibrugarh University in 2011 and 2012 academic session where no prestigious college like JB, CKB and DCB could get. Jealous of my rapid promotion and bringing laurels to the college, One Prafulla Saikia from the economics department informed the press that my marksheets and certificates were all forged and duplicate. The college committee without feeling the need to cross verify the credentials, suspended me and for which I fought a prolonged ten year High Court case and in 2003 I got an order for hearing and after examination of the certificates, I was given the appointment with seniority (INTER-SE) and all the ten years salary with arrears.” Ditty alleges that when her repeated calls for an explanation to the various methods of discrimination meted to her was not redressed that she decided to go nude in front of the principal Litool Baruah who turned a deaf ear to Ditty’s pleas.

On contacting Little Baruah Principal Nanda Nath College, Baruah informed Times of Assam that, “It’s not that we have suspended Dittymoni Bora for being arrested by the police but because of many factors for which Dittymoni is fully responsible for creating a chaos and not imparting education to the students.” On being further questions as how the reporter of Dy365 while standing inside the Principal’s room and standing next to him abused and asked private questions to Dittymoni to irk and malign her social stature, Litool Baruah told Times of Assam, “As I don’t have a guideline of what not a journalist should do or not, I didn’t deem fit to stop him from the questioning”.

Whatever maybe the reason Times of Assam has investigated the matter and has found serious high handedness of journalists belonging to various electronic media of private news channel of instigating Dittymoni Bora to such a extent where even a normal person starts behaving abnormally. General Secretary of Nanda Nath Saikia College Gautam Dutta told Times of Assam that, “I represent about twelve hundred students and about ninety percent of these students are of the opinion that Dittymoni is being made a scapegoat for being beautiful, dynamic, educated and bold. As because she refused to give donation to AASU when it had demanded money and because she didn’t allow student organization affiliated to various political parties to enter college politics, is the main reason where various lobbies supported and backed by these people are trying to force Dittymoni to quit her job”.

Of late Dittymoni Bora has got invitation to teach in the US some most prestigious schools but as she say’s “I love my land, my people, the scent of the natural abode and Teaching is my passion and I love teaching that I cannot think of leaving my native land back. I don’t want to remain as a mere teacher. I want to be a facilitator for the students. And this is what is not been accepted by my fellow professors who see my mingling with the students as a bad state of affairs. Besides it would give a very bad and weak signal to all such women who work in a male dominated society, oppressed and sexually harassed and they will lose their morale to fight and raise their voice in protest”.

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