One more armed organization to be formed in April 27


One more armed organization will be formed in Assam on Friday, April 27. A top security source revealed to Times of Assam today. The organization will be formed under secrete leadership of one ADGP of Assam police and Pro-Talk ULFA leader Heera Saraniya.

Revealing more horrible information, the source said that the outfit would be formed as a counter insurgent group to tackle Paresh Baruah led hardliner faction of ULFA. The organization will be conventionally formed at an undisclosed are of Nalbari district tomorrow. One SULFA from Barbhag locality of Nalbari will lead the outfit officially.

The source also revealed that the outfit would use to chase and shoot the linkmen, sympathizers, friends and family members of the Paresh Baruah led hardliner faction. “It is yet un-certain that how long it will take to execute, but it can’t be denied that another session of Secret Killing is already planned.”- the source added.

Mentionable that, all the Pro-Talk ULFA leaders except Mithinga Daimary have left Nalbari and settled at Guwahati. This includes Raju Baruah, Shashadhar Choudhury, Heera Saraniya, Hemanta Rajbangshi etc. Only Mithinga Daimary is living at his own home at Barama and another middle-level leader Biju Deka alias Nipul Das is yet in Nalbari for his charge as Commandant of Nava Nirman Kendras.

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One more armed organization to be formed in April 27

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