Open letter to Assam Education Minister regarding corruption in his department

By- Aminur Rohman | Date- September 20, 2011

An open letter to the Education Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma, was sent to us by our reader Aminur Rohman who wanted to rightly draw the people as well the minister’s attention towards certain corruption charges in the department. Following is the letter:


We the people of Assam are really pleased that the state found a young, energetic and highly educated minister like you. We hope a lot from you such as we dream that you can reform the education department.

Sir, I want to draw your attention to the following matter:

In last 5th August you have distributed the appointment letter to the i/c head masters (Those have B.Ed. degree) of various high schools and high madrassas of the state as the full-fledged head masters.

But Sir, did you know that two of them get their selection with the help of FORGED B.Ed. documents.

They are

(i)                  Omar Ali Sk of A.A.Latif Girl’s Institution(high),Mankachar and

(ii)                 Moniruz Zaman of Jhowdanga High School, Jhowdanga.

They produced the B.Ed. certificate of Bharti Shiksha Parishad of Uttar Pradesh but according to the B.Ed. exam schedule of the Institute, they are present at the school and duly signed in the teachers’ attendance register of the school.

Neither of them got their interview call letter nor did they sit in the selection board which was arranged by the D.S.E. Assam, Kahilipara on 19/02/2011.

They have not taken any prior permission from the authority about their exam and the Inspector of schools, D.D.C. Dhubri did not have any knowledge regarding their B.Ed. degree.

When the entire facts came to the light they erased the teacher Attendance Register of the school and try to show that date as C/L.

In this regard two public complain submitted to the I.S. Office, Dhubri and the same copy sent to S.D.O. (civil) Hatsingimari, D.C. Dhubri, D.P.I, Khahilipara and your office also for your kind information.

Sir Please enquire the entire matter and spot enquiry as far as possible.

Aminur Rohman

Disclaimer from Times of Assam: The above has been published as written by the writer (with just few grammatical editing done) and Times of Assam is not liable to either investigation on the matter concerned or proving the charges on the accused as it based on the writer’s own information, study and opinion. As such Times of Assam portal is not legally liable for the content published above.However, any claim which can help prove the truth is welcome.

 Also, we appreciate our reader’s reports, news, views, and feedback and would be more than happy if you could share any such incidents which can help erase corruption and other social menaces.

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