Paresh Baruah changed the game of GoI

Paresh Baruah along with new team
Paresh Baruah with the Hardliner team

There was a reverse spirit in Assamese youth while on other ends it was the end of trace route for the Indian intelligence when ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah sent his photograph and video footage to media. The ongoing ULFA-GoI Lateral talk created some shorts of confusion in the mind of common people, while both the Central and State Government were busy to settle down the decade-long issue with a  target relevant to coming state election. Paresh Baruah was criticized from every nook and corner for sending the photograph and video footage of himself. Former Commander of 28th Battalion of the outfit, Mrinal Hazarika(who hails the ULFA Pro-Talk group and suspended by the Central Committee of the outfit) criticized Paresh Baruah for making easy for the enemy to identify the new cadres and leaders by the photograph and video footage and stated that this is against Guerrilla tactics. Report about Paresh Baruah and Arabinda Rajkhowa faction became the issue of National and State Media, but soon after it has been denied by Paresh Baruah himself.

Indian intelligence was surprised by the recent act of Paresh Baruah because he hasn’t shown his face publicly since 1996. However Indian intelligence is busy with analysis to find Paresh Baruah’s intention through photograph and video footage. Everybody is in confusion about what actually Paresh Baruah tried to mean by sending the photograph and video footage where there are only two Lt level leaders and few cadres. Paresh Baruah’s act is criticized as restless and being said it may result out the demise of the rest unit of the outfit.

There were several messages to the Government of India from Paresh Baruah via the photograph and the video footage which are yet not understandable by either any media or the Government itself. But Times of Assam has been able to reach those messages of Paresh Baruah after going through the days-long investigation.

Bellow was the messages from Paresh Baruah to Government of India via the photograph and video footage:

  • If ULFA got its birth in 1979 and this is a new birth of ULFA with the visible difference which clearly indicates about a strong re-born. The outfit was started by five members in 1979 without any weapons and strong help. And Paresh Baruah today with his new strategy after getting strong backing by China.
  • In 1979, there was no Paresh Baruah as the foundation of ULFA. In fact, he joined ULFA in 1981 being convinced by Bishnujyoti Burhagohain. This time Paresh Baruah is the head with more experienced leaders and more numbers of the cadres than the first birth of the outfit.
  • In the early ages of 1980, Anup Chetia had to manage money from his home to buy a pistol for the outfit. And today Paresh Baruah has many strong and latest weapons with his group.
  • ULFA got their first and only AK assault rifle as an old AK-47 in 1988, which was too old that they had to work on it before they trigger the same. Today Paresh Baruah and his group are equipped with all the latest weapons of this world got by China, which is visible in the photograph.
  • If Government of India makes a fowl deal by the name of the political solution to the GoI-Assam conflict then there will be the new start of ULFA by Paresh Baruah with the group and weapons shown in Photograph and strength shown in video footage.

Now it is cleared about the intention behind Paresh Baruah recent act through the photograph and video footage which was made to draw the difference between ULFA of 1979 and ULFA of 2011.

Three decades before, five members without any weapons formed ULFA without any strong help, and today Paresh Baruah is with his new strategy after getting strong backing by China.

Indian intelligence also has got a confirmed report that Paresh Baruah has achieved all kinds of support from China, and he is now in the Chinese province with Chinese Satellite communication and weapons.

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Paresh Baruah changed the game of GoI

By: Dhruba Jyoti Deka Read time: 12 min