Paresh Baruah clarifies about fake profile in Facebook

Paresh Barua
Paresh Baruah

Two days after Times of Assam reported the presence of fake profile of ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah in Facebook, Paresh Baruah himself clarified that neither he nor any member of the organization has any profile in Social Networking sites Twitter and Facebook. In a press release sent to Media, Paresh Baruah stated that the members of ULFA operate under strict rules of their organization’s constitution and so there can no question of the opening or maintaining such profiles. He further accused that this was an act of some miscreants who wanted to mislead people and appealed to the press as well as common people not to trust any comments or information flowing from those profiles. In the statement, Baruah also raised the concern that this might be a ploy used by the rulers of the land to identify sympathizers of the banned outfit.

Mentionable that Times of Assam was the first to highlight and bring this news up.  But the Commander-in-Chief of the organization himself did a mistake in his press release, mentioning his fake profile on Twitter. While the fake profile is in Facebook only(not on Twitter at all), mentioning the existence of any fake profile in Twitter proves lack of proper information about the entire issue. It is a point of issue that before sending the press release, Paresh Baruah himself hasn’t looked into his own fake profile. If he did it, he would not mention Twitter.

ULFA’s press statement coming heavily down on the issue of fake profile reflects the outfits concern to the risk of losing public connection, which many already claim is shrinking day by day. Also, this is the first reported or known instance cybercrime, that hits a banned militant organization of North East India, who itself is talked about as a crime agency. It would be interesting to see how the security agencies or authorities react to this issue.

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Paresh Baruah clarifies about fake profile in Facebook

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 5 min