Pledge campaign in Nagaland against Bangladeshi labour


By- Staff Reporter | Date- July 31, 2012

Realizing that to stop influx of illegal Bangladeshi migrants they have to be stopped using as cheap labours by the common men first, Nagaland has started a Pledge Campaign. This is a signature campaign to arouse Naga citizens to socially and economically boycott Bangladeshi migrants voluntarily and has been resolved to be carried out by The People’s Action Committee on Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBI) under the aegis of Naga Council Dimapur.

As per the resolution, the People’s Action Committee has also censured the Naga national workers for using any Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants (IBIs) to carry labour activities. Further, the various village heads and youth organisations have been asked to ensure that eviction of Bangladeshi migrants from their jurisdiction with the consent and cooperation of land/house owners are complete.

In addition, a series of workshops with NGOs have also been proposed to make people aware of dignity of labour.

The campaign is expected to spread to all the districts of Nagaland with the help of tribal Hohos and student bodies.

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Pledge campaign in Nagaland against Bangladeshi labour

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 3 min