Quit notice to DY365 from ULFA

The outlawed militant outfit ULFA served a quit notice to Santosh Jaiswal, owner of a leading private Assamese news channel DY365 for allegedly reporting fake or negative news against those who works against the owner’s personal business interest. The outfit stated that the news channel has now also started to propagate false reports and negative picture of the ULFA including its top leadership, because their C-in-C Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah had rejected the offer of huge money from the channel owner Santosh Jaiswal for doing a video interview.

In a statement e-mailed to Times of Assam, the outfit’s Central Publicity Wing member Joy Asom asked the businessman to leave the state failing which strict action will be taken. The outfit also appealed to the Editors and Journalists of that news channel to work for behalf of the state and people instead of focusing on bringing more profit to the owners.

Times of Assam, on the other hand has been able to get information from sources within the outfit that Paresh Baruah was allegedly offered a sum of Rs 30 Lakhs for a video interview, which the ULFA supremo had rejected and Deputy C-in-C Drishti Rajkhowa warned DY365 for it.

It is also being accused that behind this threat email to DY365 owner Jaiswal, there is the secret hand of another news channel of the state owned by a Congress leader. This news channel is accused to have managed the leadership of ULFA as DY365 was one of its main contenders for lead a downward TRP. In the past this news channel was reported to have taken interviews of pro-talk ULFA leaders by paying them sums of money.

It is to be mentioned that in the recent days, the hardliner ULFA has seen to become bolder in its media releases day by day. This is the first time when the militant outfit is seen taking on a news channel directly.

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