Reasons why BJP should not win Assam Assembly Election

BJP should not win election in Assam. Times of Assam

: Guwahati, March 31, 2011


With the Assam State elections just around the corner, the question that now grips every mind in Assam is who should and who would form the Government. Analyzing the various parties, we find that BJP does not at all deserve to form the Government in Assam.

Flash from History:

BJP was a major reason for the imposition of President’s rule in Assam, with L.K Advani being the main man behind the scene. During the period, situation in Jammu and Kashmir was far worse with its militancy paralyzing normal life of the state, yet Assam had to bear its deadliest period of history, probably after the reign of the Burmese during year of 1822 – 1826, because the actual mission of the president’s rule was not to tame the ULFA alone but to spread the imperialism of Hindutva and Hindi on the people of Assam, who had till then been known as secular and intolerant to the force of Hindi lobby of Delhi. 

In 1990, the ULFA imposing a tax of 50 paise per kilogram of tea, accusing that tea wealth is being robbed off from the state, and its further notice to Tea planters to leave Assam was looked upon by Delhi as a threat, especially since the outfit grew to huge popularity during the period 1987 – 90. During this period the ULFA cadres had started working among the common people, – by building earthen dams to protect villages from the fury of floods, repairing damaged school buildings, by ploughing lands of peasants, by ensuring examinations were conducted fairly, by exposing corruption and prostitution etc. – it had built a very strong people base in Assam.  The strong demands by most civil bodies as well as the State Government to solve amicably the ULFA issue forever through meaningful talks was ignored by Indian authorities and L.K Advani was the main culprit behind it. After assassination of Surendra Paul, a leading tea planter and brother of Lord Swaraj Paul, Advani demanded and forced the president’s rule in Assam as a part of the party’s notorious Hindutva Mission. In fact the Army Operation under the President’s rule in Assam was called Operation Bajrang, as though Hinduism was at war in Assam. Linguistic chauvinism also became visible during the rule, with army being brutal on the non-Hindi speaking civilians as majority of rural Assamese not understanding Hindi. (One can imagine the plight of a person, if a hundred armed soldiers aimed guns at you in the middle of the night and shot off questions in an alien language).

The innumerable rapes of young Assamese women (teenage daughters, wives, and pregnant women), killing of innocent youth as well as old and torture to the Assamese could have not happened if the President’s rule and Army Operation was not imposed on Assam then. The decades of bloodshed and violence due to the armed struggle of ULFA too would not have happened and Assam lived in peace had the issue been solved through talks right then, if only Advani and BJP had not tried to impose this.

In 1992, after the Babri Masjid demolition, when dirty communal violence broke out in India between the Hindus and the Muslims due to BJP’s notorious politics of coming to power for a Hindu Raj, Assam the place of Shankar- Azan fakir was relatively in peace although the organizations Bajrang and RSS did try to create communal disharmony. Had it not been the strong hold of ULFA those days, the dirty attempts would have indeed succeeded at some places. Case in point, the incident at Hojai where the Hindu-Muslim communal riot was stopped by the ULFA by displaying arms openly.

The BJP had realized it very well that till the time ULFA exists in Assam and maintains a stronghold; it would not succeed in a Hindu Raaj. As such during its power in the center, it put pressure on the Bhutan Government in 2003 to flush out the militants like ULFA, NDFB, etc. and destroy their camps from Bhutan jungles. But what was really surprising was that as a center of power, the BJP made even no attempts to bring the women or children from those camps of ULFA and NDFB. When the Indian Government can make policies to bring militants to the mainstream, the BJP government could have very well tried to bring the women and children safely, as they were too people of Assam, citizens of the same country. But this did not happen. Nor did they make any attempt to acknowledge the demands of the Assamese civil societies and human rights organizations to find and provide the whereabouts of the top five ULFA leaders who were reported missing after being captured by the army.

Some thoughts on the present:

The main agenda of BJP in this year’s election in Assam is the illegal migrant issue. It claims that it shall deport all Bangladeshis from Assam but provide citizenship to Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh. Here again, the party is creating a rift between the Hindus and the Muslims in an attempt to grab power! An illegal foreigner deserves to be deported not on basis of religion but on the basis of nationality. And most importantly, they are trying to fool Assam by claiming that only they can make Assam immigrant free. What the interesting observation here is that the border policy of India is in the hands of the center and not with State Government, as per Indian constitution. When BJP was in the center they did nothing to seal the Indo-Bangladesh border area, nor did they take any initiative to deport immigrants. It’s evident that this is just a false claim by BJP in hunger of power.

On the other hand, the BJP very well understands that it would not be easy to win elections with the strong hold of Congress and AGP in the masses. So to weaken AGP, they allied with them to weaken AGP and now trying to divert the leaders of regionalism accolades into nationalism, for example Sarbananda Sonowal. If BJP comes to power, no matter with what slogan or with names of which regional leader or Asian Top entrepreneur, the rules of the game would be the same, – destruction of the present Assam and creating a religion and communally parted  state, which it can rule as Hindu Raaj forever.

9 Responses to "Reasons why BJP should not win Assam Assembly Election"

  1. Siddhartha  March 31, 2011 at 02:42 PM

    Hope people are not fool enough to vote for BJP. But some observations…
    1. AGP leadership is giving way to BJP, knowingly or unknowingly. Worst thing they did was giving important Loksabha seats to BJP. AGP should understand that if BJP grows in Assam, AGP will be harmed the most. So, there leaders should maintain distance from BJP and move closer to smaller parties, which it seems to be doing now, though it is late. Again giving no candidates against some BJP leader is a bad idea and it shows submissiveness . Hope AGP grows strong and provide at least better opposition voice, if not governance.
    2. Akhil Gogoi and KMSS, again knowingly and unknowingly, playing into the hands of BJP. If Gogoi tells people not to vote for congress, he should also tell whom they should vote for. His activities are given more coverage in media which are also giving undue coverage to BJP at the same time. Though KMSS’s efforts in bringing into light important issues into public attention, especially at a time when the opposition is toothless, is commendable, they should be careful that vile forces like BJP does not get unduly benefited.

  2. Anjan Bhattacharyya  March 31, 2011 at 03:07 PM

    The whole report looks like correct and based on facts, mind blowing…, but reporters name is missing. That’s not an issue, only objective is to move against BJP, Hindutwa, Communal ism i.e., towards all good things. My opinion on this article/report/call should have come long before not just before the election. Then it could have given well span of time to the people of Assam/Axom to think, discuss and decide over the issue of Assam, Assamese and its dignity. I don’t think that the BJP is the only force to miss handle the issues and disregards the people of Assam and their sentiments, there are many who simply works for only big capitalist may be openly or covertly under the jacket of nationalism.

  3. Ayan Hazarika  March 31, 2011 at 08:34 PM

    The best thing, in my opinion , for the people of Assam will be to boycott the forthcoming election as they will have to chose between demon, monster & ghost. All the three major parties (Congress, BJP & AGP) have done nothing for the development of Assam in any way , although each had and have many oppurtunities to do so .
    1.The congress can be held responsible for the catastrophic demographic change in Assam (as a result of the immigration from Bangladesh and the role of Congress as a catalyst in this process). This immigrant issue will surely lead Assam to a Tripura like situation in less then a decade .
    2. BJP is nothing but a fascist party which will go to any extent to safegaurd the interests of only the Hindi-speaking Hindus (other Hindus doesn’t matter at all for this replica of hitlers Nazi party). Trusting the BJP in solving the vexed illegal migrant issue wil be nothing but suicidal for the indigenous people of Assam . Just like the Congress Party, the BJP will keep this issue alive so that it exploit the sentiments of the people of Assam in future elections as well. Secondly, we have seen how callous this party has been on the issue of Flood in Assam. Miss Bijoya Chakroborty, while holding the office of Water resource minister in Vajpayee govt never uttered a word in the parliament with regards to the flood problem in assam.
    3. As far as AGP is concerned, we all know what it had done to the aspirations of the millions of Assamese people .

    • P Das  April 01, 2011 at 02:52 PM

      Whatever development Congress boasts now is the outcome of the pragmatic steps of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Congress has not given anything worth to Assam during their 51 years of reign. Whatever little was trickling, was by way of peoples’ agitation.

  4. Amit Tiwari  April 03, 2011 at 11:05 PM

    Assam today stands at crossroads and only time will tell the road it chooses shall be the correct road or not. But lets make one thing clear , BJP stands for a strong confident and united India. Congress meanwhile a vote bank , diving and rule force which has mastered the art of creating corruption and then capitalising on it. All these years under Congress what have we acheived ? ULFA somehow are under the perception that they represent the common assamese person and yet when things dont go their way, they resort to unlawful means to grab power. Congress needs to be wiped out if we all need to progress in this country. AGP has to live up to its promises, Will they be delivered ?

    Amit Tiwari

  5. vedic  April 10, 2011 at 03:22 PM

    BJP the only political party to make india super power. In my family strong communism but I determind to crush communism and secular to bring BJP, RSS.

  6. Soumyajit Das  April 27, 2011 at 03:26 PM

    BJP is the best political party in INDIA.
    Long Live BJP….!

  7. Harish Kumar  January 06, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    The BJP is the only party left with some leaders with Integrity and committment to national life. Unfortunately other parties are full of Sycophants and people with loyalties to a dynasty rather than to the country. The party should do its best possible to expand its base in the east and the south.

  8. farid  December 10, 2014 at 04:02 AM



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