The world is not eligible for you

The world was not suitable for you
The world is not eligible for you
The world is not eligible for you

Dead body of a victim killed by her in-laws for dowry. She lived in a society where the nation claims “Assamese never had culture of Dowry”.

This is the culture of Assamese nation, happening daily. No media, no organization bother to shout for a moment for these cases. Police takes bribes, Doctor takes bribes for manipulating post-mortem report and victim always remain waiting for justice for endless wait, even after her death.

Times of Assam condemns this incident and appeals to provide people of Raha, Nagaon to provide us information got in this issue. Times of Assam seeks for help to fight against these social crime which are being neglected by all other media and organizations. Let us fight against this crime, by our every end.

Times of Assam pays tribute to the soul of the victim and condolence to her family: Your daughter was too good that this world was not eligible for her.

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The world is not eligible for you

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 3 min