Times of Assam to boycott ULFA[I] PR going forward


Times of Assam team have unanimously decided to boycott any press release of ULFA[I] because of the ill-treatment and treachery done to the Chief Editor of Times of Assam, Dhruba Jyoti Deka.

Mr Deka was invited by ULFA[I] for interviewing their Commander-in-Chief, Paresh Asom and other senior members in camps of Myanmar. However when Mr Deka reached Myanmar, on April 20, 2016, after much hardships and taking due legal approvals as his capacity as a Senior Journalist, the ULFA[I] members abandoned him on instructions of Paresh Asom or senior leaders like him.

Pangsu Pas

He was left alone on a high altitude post an accident in ill-health condition and had to face immense personal and physical hardships to be back from such a hilly place to his home in Nalbari, Assam.

As a protest to this, the Times of Assam team has decided to boycott ULFA[I] completely.

Well, it doesn’t bother you even if we stop publishing your Press Releases, as we know we are not such a media house which can pay you in Crores for your Interview. Although I am not recovered yet from my chest fracture and lungs injury, I was hoping a response from you as you should response to a Journalist.
Mr Baruah, I might be a ‘no penny’ journalist, but I am the person who saved lives of many innocents in this struggle(till foiling the encounter plan of Babul Dihingia, the brother-in-law of your one of top leaders, in January, before Bihu). No other media yet shown the guts to do some like us. It’s our challenge. If you can show, show us or to the world. We are the ONE. Yes, we Times of Assam is the ONE.

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Times of Assam to boycott ULFA[I] PR going forward

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 1 min