Twin bomb blasts in Guwahati-Bangalore Express at Chennai – 1 dead and 10 injured

One passenger died and ten others were injured in a bomb blast at an express train stationed at the Chennai Central station on Thursday, May 01, 2014.


The blast took place at around 7.30am on the Guwahati-Bangalore Express. Police identified the dead as Swathi – 24 years old – from Guntur.

The condition of a few passengers is serious. Investigators who visited the spot said it appeared to have been two explosions, below seat number 70 of S4 compartment and seat number 30 of S5 compartment.

Southern Railway general manager Rakesh Mishra said the blasts appeared to be of low intensity. He confirmed that Swathi, 22, a passenger to Guntur died in the blast.

The train had reached the Chennai Central railway station at 7.05am at Platform No 9 and some passengers had got down from the train. Few others going further towards Guwahati stayed back in the train which was to leave the station at 7.50am.

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