Mr Arvind Kejriwal – Why this discrimination between Kargil war martyr Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Jintu Gogoi


A completely stupid but expected controversy has hit the Indian Political circuits, marketed as a block buster headline & breaking news by our Indian Media. It is called stupid because this adds no value to anything but it is indeed expected because this is the season of expecting stupid comments and controversies from our political giants who are masters of mud-throwing. It is National Election time of the largest Democracy of course!

In Palampur of Himachal Pradesh, PM aspirant Narendra Modi quoted Yeh Dil Maange More (Ask for more) referring to seats he wanted his party to win in the National Elections. This quote, originally a Promotional one liner of Pepsi during the late nineties, was also the last words of Late Captain Vikram Batra of Indian Army (Param Vir Chakra awardee), whose mother Kamal Kanta Batra is contesting elections on AAP’s ticket from the same state (Hamirpur). As expected, the family of Late Captain Vikram Batra was furious and AAP acted as if Narendra Modi and the BJP had killed Captain Batra once again by quoting the martyr’s last words. The martyr’s family said their son’s sacrifice should not be politicized.

It’s known to all that the quote Yeh Dil Maange More is an advertising slogan of Pepsi – written by Anuja Chauhan in 1998.  A renowned and controversial lady Journalist is all guns blazing in the controversy through her twitter account. Funny! This quote of Yeh Dil Maange More, by Late Captain Vikram Batra, was made famous through an interview in a forward bunker in Kargil by this same lady journalist. There were allegations those days that this journalist, who was trying to make a name for her those days, had smuggled into the battle zone with Late Batra’s help. Let’s not get there and question a martyr’s acts though.

There were other controversies too – can we ignore the comments that General V.P. Malik (retd.) – the army chief during the Kargil war, had written in his book Memoirs Kargil — From Surprise to Victory, that this journalist had let out classified information in her professional enthusiasm by pointing out that the army’s next objective would be Tiger Hill?

Arvind Kejriwal and his team are raking up the issue and shouting that Modi has politicized a martyr’s words. With a disclaimer that this should not be taken as Pro-Modi, – I would really ask the Aam Aadmi Party why have they fielded Late Batra’s mother as their candidate from Hamirpur, a place with a large number of voters with Army background? Was this not a political move too? If this was not trying to get votes of Military background voters, who form a big number in Hamirpur, what is it?

And if Aam Aadmi Party only wanted to field Late Batra’s mother as a candidate out of respect to families of martyr’s, why had they not fielded eligible candidates like Mothers or Wives of Departed Army Personnel in other constituencies where voter % does not include much Military background?

Since I am from Assam, I can recollect about Late Captain Jintu Gogoi who had also attained martyrdom fighting hand-to-hand-battle bravely against the enemy, even after being shot with Machine Gun fire. Alas! I am not sure if anyone even remembers this brave martyr now. His family still struggles and the Aam Aadmi Party of Assam unit had definitely not taken his family into account for a potential candidate. After all, to National Political Leaders, Assam is a land of terrorists where Martyrs have no place. Aah, that also reminds me that the last level of Kargil (Tiger Hills) was won by Naga regiment also (Though JP Dutta’s movie LOC Kargil showed differently for unknown reason). Did Aam Aadmi Party field any of them or their family? Who is politicizing what?

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Mr Arvind Kejriwal – Why this discrimination between Kargil war martyr Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Jintu Gogoi

By: Priyankan Goswami Read time: 11 min