ULFA exposes Media hoax

Press Release

In a fresh press release sent by the name of Publicity member Arunodoy Dohotiya, today, ULFA blasted hoax news & reports by all the media(except Times of Assam). Until few hours before, all the print and electronic media were publishing and telecasting reports about dividend of ULFA into Paresh Baruah faction and Arabindra Rajkhowa faction. Media also reported about the formation of Central Committee by Paresh Baruah breaking the existing Committee, with the recent video footage and photographs of Paresh Baruah. Arunodoy Dohotiya, who sent the video footage, today blasted all media reports as the fake & hoax by sending a press release just few hours before. In the press release, it is stated that by publishing such hoax some media personnel are trying to feed bread & butter to the ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah, while there is no question about any faction in ULFA. Addressing Assamese nation to not to get diverted by such a hoax Arunodoy Dohotiya also added that ‘ULFA was United, is United and will be United always”.

ULFA Press Release

It is also to be mentioned that while this email has been sent from the original email id of Arunodoy Dohotiya, the video footage were sent from un-recognized and another email id in the name of the same Arunodoy Dohotiya.

It should be mentioned that after receiving the video footage of ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah from an un-usual email id claiming as Arunodoy Dohotiya, all the media started manipulating reports with extreme hoax while Times of Assam was the only exception.

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ULFA exposes Media hoax

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