ULFA criticizes Times of Assam article, also rubbishes reports of Paresh Baruah’s investments


The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has come down heavily on the two most widely read news & media publications of Assam, Times of Assam and Asomiya Pratidin.


In a press release sent to media, the hardliner faction of the outfit slammed an article Burma turns hostile to Indian Separatist Groups published in Times of Assam (on September 20, 2011) over the usage of the word “Notorious” for C-in-C of ULFA, Paresh Baruah. Criticizing writer Nava Thakuria, a respected journalist of the state for using the word “Notorious” to describe Paresh Baruah, the hardliners’ publicity Chief Arunodoy Dohotiya appealed to the renowned and respected journalist to clarify as to why he chose this word for a “revolutionary” when such words describe thieves and thugs. Through the press release, the ULFA claimed that journalist Mr. Thakuria himself “knows that ULFA’s struggle

has been due recognized by the people of Assam long ago”.


The outfit also slammed the most read Assamese daily “Asomiya Pratidin” for the news claiming that their supremo Paresh Baruah has invested 20 million dollars in different businesses and establishments of Bangladesh, including real estate, shipping companies, and restaurants. The news claiming Paresh Baruah’s investments was in several national media and was reported to have been obtained from a joint intelligence of India and Bangladesh.

The outfit stated that Paresh Baruah has made no such investments at all and that it was only another attempt of conspiracy to destroy the rebel leader’s image, has tried many times in the past. Through the press release, the outfit questioned why such huge money is not seized by the authorities if they have proof. The outfit also “challenged” the Indian intelligence to prove the allegations about Baruah’s investments if he has an investment of even a penny in Bangladesh as claimed.

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ULFA criticizes Times of Assam article, also rubbishes reports of Paresh Baruah’s investments

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 5 min