ULFA hardliners slam proposed treaty with Indian Government

By- Correspondent | Date- October 14, 2011

In a press release sent to the media, ULFA publicity commander Arunodoy Dohotiya has reacted to their Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa’s promise to singer Bhupen Hazarika,  that the outfit would “sign a treaty with the Indian Government by 2012”. The ULFA chairman had made his promise to the singer while visiting him in the hospital in Mumbai. The hardliner faction has requested their chairman to reveal what kind of “treaty” he was talking about.

Dohotiya cited examples of “futile treaties” such as the Shillong Accord signed by the NNC in 1975 and the one signed by the J.K.L.F with Indian Government in Kashmir. The press release went on to state that the Assam Accord, signed in 1985, too has been unfulfilled till date which undermines the need to sign any treaty with the Government of India. The Paresh Baruah faction declared that as an outfit which has sacrificed blood and lives of over 13,000 Assamese youths, they would not agree to any false treaty even if it is signed with the Government.


Naming the All Assam Students Union (AASU), Asom Jatiyotabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad (AJYCP) and Akhil Gogoi, who had been demanding various rights for Assam in a democratic way, the banned outfit claimed that they have taken up arms only after being convinced that there is “no alternative to restore the Freedom and sovereignty of Assam”.

Mentionable that the differences between the Arabinda Rajkhowa led pro-talk faction and Paresh Baruah faction of ULFA looks eminent, although the pro-talk leaders often assures that there is “no ideological difference” internally in the outfit.

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  1. Debashree alias Sumi B Raja  October 15, 2011 at 03:34 PM

    It is foolish to claim what i think right is final and acceptable by all. It is also dangerous to imagine what type of freedom people will enjoy under dictators who open and close their mouths with the word ‘blood’ with live action like incidence of 30 oct. They very well know how the state is benifting with their activities for the 20-30 years. It is time to quit their adament nature at the interest of the state and ask the human of the state what they actually want. The world has changed and is changing very fast. Geographical or physical occupation has become history. The self claimed dictators only can put hindrance in the positive socio economic development of the region to some extent with their activities. They can only irritate the peace loving human of the state with their unrealistic violent comment on the challenges faced by the region.

  2. ULFA  October 16, 2011 at 03:40 PM

    We ULFA firstly would like to know that since when have you started to read newspapers ? We would like to make it very clear to you that the honorary Tarun Gogoi has conveyed that the incident which took place on 30th October’2008 was done by the Muslim fundamentalist groups. But later honorary Dr. Hemanta Biswa Sarma claimed that ULFA was responsible for the incident but with immediate actions ULFA has made it very clear and specific to the people of Assam that ULFA is not involved in such incident by any means.
    We would like to make you aware that ULFA principles and ideologies is completely different from other hardline extremist groups those who are present in parts of Assam and the rest of the world. ULFA is a struggling liberation revolution for the absolute sovereignty of independent Assamese people and we both you and us share the same basic ideologies which is to represent the Assamese society to the World.
    So, I would request to verify your thoughts before you speak about any matter . So in a very simple way we believe that further in future you would abide by the ULFA ideologies and principles to restore the Assamese society as ULFA wants the same.
    So, we ULFA would request you to get your facts down on paper before commenting by any form of media.
    ULFA is a revolutionary organization so a revolutionary organization is never ever and impossible to run under the dictatorships. ULFA will and has always worked for the benefit of Assamese society and we ULFA would do everything to restore the glory of Assamese society all over the World. ULFA will long live forever and this revolution will be continued till the sovereignty of independent Assam by ULFA principles and its ideologies.
    I would like to further go one step ahead and elaborate on dictatorship. What is dictatorship? When people come to the street to demand their fundamantal right, asking their identity and police open fires on them. Is it not a good example of dictatorship? we advise you to go root of the cause before trying to crticise and voice your opinions regarding sensitive issues.

    With warm regards

  3. Debashree alias Sumi B Raja  October 26, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    Thanks for your quick response to my views. My views are not based on any local media, maximum of which are either biased to you or to the government for their narrow interest.
    Even after knowing the fact that my view/suggestion will have no impact on the path that you have adopted as you seem to be already predetermined in such a way that you will not accept anybody’s suggestion to improve it assuming the path you have adopted is the best one in the world, I would like to put few points, thinking this in the interest of Assam.

    1. Sir, you need not elaborate your innocence on the incidence of 30 oct as I mentioned it only as an as an unfortunate outcome of violence movement that you follow. Afterall, you are the inspiration to all the militant groups that are active in Assam. The people of Assam not only come to know but also started feeling the real meaning of the words “Kinap, extortion, firing, bombing, etc” only after you have become active.

    2. We share the basic ideology in restoring, preserving and representing Assamese society to the world. The difference is that unlike you, we do not feel the need of a separate platform protected by a new boundary to do the same. We prefer to modify the existing system in such a way that the identity and interest of not only the Assamese community, but all the communities irrespective of their location are get protected. You are advocating the need of independent Assam, probably because you feel that the Assamese community is getting polluted by other so called Indian communities. How can you assure the smaller communities in independent Assam that their identity and interest will not get affected by the influential Assamese culture as already some communities are demanding separate state from Assam? If your principle is to be followed, there will be no end to the partition process without addressing anybody’s real need.

    3. You refer the Govt of Assam/India in such a way that we are governed by a king. It is agreed that no system can’t be perfect and there are always scopes to improve it with times and people’s changing needs. We are governed by our own representatives. If any innocent people get killed in the system, we can’t play blame game here as it is only due to our unawareness and unwillingness to make the system function according to the interest of the people. The Govt exercises its administrative power only by the authority given by the people as the constitution has make the people of this country supreme.

    4. Instead of pointing fingers to others for all the wrong doings in our system/society, it is time to acknowledge the fact that our local system/society is one of the most corrupted one in the entire subcontinent. ASSU’s movement of 80s has not yielded desired result. One of the main reasons for this is due to the ASSU’s leaders of 80’s love for power and family at the cost of the state. At this time, we need a strong committed leader to start a democratic movement to take out our society away from the sea of corruption. If we can get rid of corruption, there are ample opportunities available around us for unimaginable socio-economic development of the region. The process of development already has started but has not got the desired acceleration due to corruption from top to bottom.

    5. Like you, an ordinary school student is also aware of the differences of freedom that a Chinese and an Indian citizen enjoys. China may attack India not Assam. This is not because China is in love with Assam (It can’t be in any nation’s love). This is because, according to China, Assam can’t alone become a competitor to mighty China in exercising its power in the region or in the world. But Assam together with India is already a parallel competitor and hence considered as an enemy to China. China may not occupy Assam because it is not in the interest of China. India also occupied Bangladesh and most part of Pakistan but have given away because it was not in India’s interest. The fact is that geographical or physical occupation has already become history to some extent. Dancing in the tune with china’s band may be in your group’s/personal interest in the short run, but it can’t be never in the interest of Assam.

    6. Last but not the least, in today’s democratic world, there is no better substitution to democracy that we have. Instead of advising people, it is required to listen to and seek suggestion from people so that your principle, ideology and way of functioning become coherent with peoples thought. Unless and until you fill the gap of differences of your thought from the people, you will always find yourself physically and mentally away from the people for whom you claim to be fighting. Giving controversial statement like the corrupt politicians, will never serve real purpose of your movement. A movement based on truth for the people’s interest and with the people’s participation will only sustain and get success.

    Thank you sir


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