ULFA men arrested in Meghalaya to be secretly released


By- Correspondent | Date- October 26, 2011

The two hardcore ULFA leaders Akash Thapa alias Saranga Patowari and Captain Derhagra Sarania, arrested on October 21 would soon be released secretly, without much official formality as per sources.

Both the cadres were arrested in Meghalaya when pro-talk ULFA leader Akash Thapa was accompanying Captain Derhagra Sarania from the Bangladesh border after being secretly deported into India. They were both produced to the Tura court and was remanded for seven days of judicial custody. However as per sources, it is alleged that they have been handed over to the Assam Police by the Meghalaya police. Further it is being claimed that these two would be soon released without much paper work as they are in support of the ongoing lateral talk’s process going on between the outfit and the Union Government of India.

If the duo is to be releases in such a manner, it puts serious questions on the judiciary and its nature. When the Tura court has asked them to be put to seven days of judicial custody of Meghalaya police, it is strange that not only their handover to Assam police but also release is being planned already. It brings forward the bias of the judiciary and law, which is claimed and should be above none.

In addition, this would be the second violation of law and judiciary within the same issue.  It is to be mentioned that Captain Derhagra Sarania was arrested by the Bangladesh authorities back in 2009 and was convicted to a seven year jail sentence. Strangely he was deported to India without his conviction completed in Bangladesh prison. Besides there is yet no extradition treaty signed between India and Bangladesh regarding transfer of prisoners or criminals convicted in either country. Captain Derhagra Sarania’s unofficial handover by Bangladesh authorities to India is understood to have been because of some secret understanding between the leaders of the pro-talk ULFA faction and the Indian Government and facilitated by the helpful Sheikh Hasina Government of Bangladesh.

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ULFA men arrested in Meghalaya to be secretly released

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 6 min