ULFA warns Spies trying to join the outfit

By- Staff Reporter | Date– 06 April, 2012

The outlawed ULFA has today issued a stern public warning to those youth of Assam who wanted to join the outfit as Spies of the Indian Intelligence. In context of the recent media reports concerning one Aditya Baruah of Delhi who was reported as an ULFA member, the outfit today clarified that Aditya is no longer a member of the outfit as he was found to be working on behalf of Indian Intelligence.

In an email statement to Times of Assam, the outfit’s Publicity Wing member Joy Asom claimed that Aditya Baruah was terminated from the outfit and was sent home owing to the fact that he was the only son of his innocent parents. The same statement warned that in future no Assamese Youth would be forgiven and tolerated if one is found to join the outfit on behalf of any Indian Intelligence as a spy.

It is to be mentioned that in the last few days, most of the media house and publications were covering headlines with the story of Aditya Baruah and the raid by National Investigative Agency (NIA) in his rented house in Delhi. However none of the media houses had been able to unearth the actual story or any facts linking to Baruah’s background, which tells the reality of what shape the current media works in.

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  1. Deidensa  May 10, 2012 at 08:05 AM

    This is what we call humanity.


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