ULFA[I] reforms Eastern Command for its Operations

ULFA[I] Cadres

A group of 82 hardcore ULFA[I] cadres under the Eastern Command of the outfit is actively roaming in upper Assam with the motive of Fund Collection & Military operation. The group is being led by the Dy Chief-of-the-Staff of Eastern Command, Captain Arunodoy Asom.

Captain Arunodoy Asom is being accompanied by Lt Tao Mung, 2nd Lt Pradip Asom & Ganesh Asom, Sergeant Major Rupam Asom, Suklen Asom, Rongmon Asom and 73 other cadres in field operation.

Talking to Times of Assam Correspondent of Dibrugarh, in an urban area of the district, Captain Arunodoy Asom said, “Fund collection & Military operation is our target. We are equipped with backup plans.”

To answer on recent criticism over Namrup incident, Captain Arunodoy Asom said in a challenging manner, “We have clearly mentioned about our stand. How you name our operations is up to you. We have no time to convince anyone nor we will. Moreover, I am not a believer of conventional methods, rather I will act. You are open to chose your way. If police or army can save you from our operations, then go for it.”

He also informed that the Eastern Command has been reformed to a great extent under the leadership of Colonel Nayan Asom. Following this drastic change, Captain Arunodoy Asom has been assigned this new mission to be carried out in the districts of upper Assam.

Sources in the police have meanwhile disclosed to Times of Assam that the SP Mugdhajyoti Mahanta & SP Vivekananda Das both are hunting for Captain Arunodoy Asom and his group as it will add feathers to the cap of the one who can nab the dreaded ULFA[I] leader.

It will be now worth watching as how far Mugdhajyoti Mahanta, who has been a successful Police Officer of counter-insurgency operations in recent few years, will succeed this time.

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ULFA[I] reforms Eastern Command for its Operations

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