Youth from Assam bawl for unity of North East


The recent exodus of about 30,000 of North East students, professional and workers from other parts of India due to the choreograph rumors after the fallout of ethnic violence in Kokrajhar, which have displaced about 400,000 people, killing 75, is termed as terrible violence between tribal Bodos and Muslims. The politician are cashing on such unfortunate incidents through blame game. But a musical band from Assam M-sonic is keeping the hope high for unification of North Eastern state for a greener pasture and binding all the seven sisters’ states by the thread of love.

M-sonic through their music video in Assamese released on August 22, 2012 – Xeema (reprise) is questioning who had the erected the boundaries between the minds of seven sisters states, forcing migration of the brethren to other parts only to be realized their own motherland have been encroached by intruders taking advantages of the discord among the northeastern states.

Under such circumstance as per the title Xeema (reprise) the song attempted to pick on every individual mind to be united with the same spirit of 1946, where the brave Indian had struggle for every grain of rice mutually, it is time to repeats the same by joining hands on hands once again to bulldoze down all the man made boundaries across the north eastern region.

Lok Sabha Speaker, Meira Kumar while inaugurating the 12th Annual Conference of the North East Region Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in Shillong, pointed out that a collective responsibility from all the North East states is required to break away from the problems of underdevelopment, unemployment, backwardness and insurgency.

Meira also pointed out that the region being blessed with rich natural resources, is not being tapped, pushing the per capita gross state domestic product of the region to less than the rest of the country with other communication systems too below the national average. However, all this can be improved only if there is determination for development and growth, she pointed out.

On the other hand, during the closing function of the same meet, the Governor of Meghalaya, RS Mooshahary, for the second time stressed on the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (c) which is now in force in Manipur. He had said the same during the North East region DGPs, senior IB and RAW officials conference held in Shillong in October last year. This shows the determination of Mooshahary to repeal the AFSPA as he had earlier stated “I am of the opinion that if any law is enforced for too long, it will become ineffective.”

Analysing the situation in the North East where the so called mainstream states look upon us as an underdeveloped region, with many of the view that the people of the region are yet to learn how to wear clothes, it is only because this region is yet to exhibit to mainstream states, its landmark infrastructure or development.

The time has come for the region to welcome any form of development, keeping in mind the interests of the indigenous tribals here and protecting the environment which is the only treasure of the people of this region. Safeguarding does not mean we just shut doors on the face of every development. As pointed out by Meira, the communication system in the region is below the national average.

It is easy to lay the blame on the instability of the law and order situation for chambering development here. If this is so, it means there is a parallel government which is more forceful then the democratic government. It is time, as the Lok Sabha Speaker pointed out, to collectively face challenges, such that no vested interests of forces can hamper the growth and development of this region. Once the authorities succumb to the pressure forces, it means the authorities have lost the war and there is no point of any level of conferences or meeting being held, where the situation presented may appear to be just made up of micro problems and can be solved in the paper presented, while the ground reality is different.

The North East needs to think collectively, not only for the district authorities to share intelligence information to solve cross district crimes. It is time to think collectively in the field of infrastructure development and communication systems to bridge the gap among the seven sisters and a brother state in this region. It is not only for the political party crying for the North East to be one to fight against the national party or regional party; one should be united for infrastructural development. Yes, united we can, similar to the thirst of M-sonic, calling for brotherhood and unity of the North Eastern Region.

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Youth from Assam bawl for unity of North East

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 13 min