Conspicuous Audacity Against Textile Sector In Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has attained the pioneer position in the global market as the most deserving leader, which has sustained numerous global and regional challenges thus transforming the ready-made garments (RMG) and the textile sector as the major source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. For a country like Bangladesh, it wasn’t an easy task at all to knockout gigantic players from China, India, and Vietnam etcetera.

During the past few decades, local entrepreneurs in the RMG and textile sector in the country played tremendously admirable and herculean task in not only placing Bangladesh in the leading position but they also initiated the most timely efforts of employing millions of people from the underprivileged segments in the society especially female workers, which has given self-dependence to many of them, which is acknowledged as the vital point for empowerment of women in the Muslim dominated society in the country. If we can make a neutral assessment of the patriotic and praiseworthy role of the entrepreneurs in the textile and RMG sector, we shall not only owe a huge gratitude to all of them, but our country and the leaders shall invariably need to make sure one point that, this sector should be provided all out?

People Patronize and give encouragement in order to keep a country’s economy safe from debt. But, in the recent past very unfortunately, we have been witnessing the most worrisome incidents and happenings centering the RMG and textile sector. It is to be mentioned that, business rivals of Bangladesh in this sector are not leaving any single opportunity of sabotaging this most prospective and profitable sector which includes negative propaganda against Bangladeshi textile sector with the ulterior motive of grabbing business stakes from the Bangladeshi exporters.

In the recent months, the most unfortunate incidents took place centering one of the major players from Bangladesh, here more than forty-five thousand workers and employees are engaged while the promoters of this enterprise was already planning to further expansion of its units, where almost same numbers of workers and employees would be engaged. Due to massive propaganda in the media, people in Bangladesh by now are well conversant with the name of Hallmark Group, which has already become a direct victim of audacious Conspiracy thus pushing the fate of this extremely promising enterprise and its workers and employees into absolute uncertainty. Young and enthusiastic Bangladeshi entrepreneur Tanvir Mahmud who opted for facing every edges of challenges in transforming his ambition of building country’s largest RMG and textile industries, instead of being cooperated by the state machinery is now facing series of hilarious allegations and accusations where his wife and other members of the family had not been spared. The anti-graft organization in Bangladesh brought bundles of charges against Tanvir Mahmud and other high officials of Hallmark Group thus pushing the fate of this hue enterprise and thousands of its employees into complete uncertainty. The incident in brief is, Tanvir Mahmud borrowed money from the state-owned financial institution after fully complying with the existing rules and procedures. But enemies of Bangladeshi textile sector as well as business rivals of Tanvir Mahmud and Hallmark Group hired some domestic elements in spreading false rumors about the Hallmark Group. Thus misleading the policymakers of the Country. Propagator portrayed Hallmark Group as a fake organization by suppressing the fact of more than forty-five thousand people engaged in this most promising enterprise.

Unfortunately enough, the top bosses in the finance ministry as well as other ministries in the country showed step-motherly attitude towards Hallmark Group for reason unknown. Lately it had been rumored that a gang of culprits, who have agenda of sabotaging Bangladeshi RMG sector made Hallmark Group as their prime target with the ulterior motive of spreading huge fear amongst the entrepreneurs in this particular sector, while the conspirators already had their initial victory by forcefully shutting down the Hallmark Group enterprises thus pushing the fate of forty-five thousand workers and employees into total jeopardy, the top brasses in the government as well as members of the civil society are still unaware about the consequence of such closure of Hallmark Group, which surely will put unrepeatable wreck on this most promising sector.

Economic pundits are already giving signals of huge consequence on the economy of Bangladesh if the Hallmark Group crisis is not settled immediately thus dropping the hilarious accusations against Tanvir Mahmud and his team. They also believe that the artificially created crisis centering Hallmark Group will discourage local and foreign investors in coming forward for the further growth of the RMG and textile sector in the country.

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Conspicuous Audacity Against Textile Sector In Bangladesh

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