Kababuliwalar Bengali Bou killed mercilessly by Taliban


By- Staff Reporter

Indian author and social worker, Sushmita Banerjee was killed by the Taliban fundamentalists on Wednesday Night, 4th of September. As per reports, militants belonging to the extreme Islamist outfit came to her house in Kharana in Paktita province, tied up her husband and other family members and dragged Sushmita out. Later they shot several bullets into her from close range and dumped her body near an Islamic seminary.

Although no specific group has accepted responsibility for this barbaric act, it has been understood that the Taliban outfits was angered by her selfless and daunting social work, especially for women’s rights and healthcare.

Late Banerjee’s best-selling book, Kababuliwalar Bangali Bou (A Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife), was written in 1995 after she escaped from the clutches of the Taliban in the wake of the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban forces. It was this book which inspired for a Bollywood movie, Escape from Taliban starring Manisha Koirala in the lead role.

Married to an Afghan businessman, Jaanbaz Khan, Banerjee had recently moved back to Afghanistan after spending a few years in India. Banerjee’s execution does not show a good sign for the future of Afghanistan’s women, especially when their empowerment under the Hamid Karzai regime was held up as one of the greatest successes of the NATO coalition forces.

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Kababuliwalar Bengali Bou killed mercilessly by Taliban

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