‘No Indian Media, it’s not Surgical Strike 3’ – ‘Arakan Army’-‘Myanmar Army’ conflict

The Indian Media seems to be in the race of TRP with ‘fake news’ and ‘bias propaganda’ driver of the BJP. Since yesterday, the Indian media have flooded ‘fake news’ about ‘Surgical Strike 3’ against North-Eastern insurgents and ‘Arakan Army’.

Following such ‘fake news’ and ‘bias propaganda’, ‘BJP IT Cell’ workers too started flooding in Twitter and Facebook as a part of ‘High-Tech Political Campaign’ in favor of the BJP.

Most of the Indian media is reporting that ‘Indian Army’ and ‘Myanmar Army’ jointly launched ‘flush out’ operation against North-Eastern Militants at the Mizoram Boarder. Nowhere in those reports, any authenticity can be witnessed. Rather, all the news is published with their routine as ‘sources said’.

Without knowing ‘what is the Arakan Army’, all India media flooded ‘bias news’ in their electronic versions and the social media too.

The Arakan Army is neither related to any North-Eastern insurgent groups, nor they have any ‘claimed camp’ nearest to Indo-Myanmar border at Mizoram.

Most importantly, none of any North-Eastern insurgent groups like NSCN (K), ULFA (I) etc. is allied with the Arakan Army. None of any North-East India insurgent groups allied with the ‘Arakan Army’ in the past too.

The ‘Arakan Army’ represents the ‘Rakhine issue’ which is Myanmar’s internal issue.

So what is the truth?

As the issue of ‘conflict between Arakan Army rebel group and Myanmar Army’ is Myanmar’s internal issue, there cannot be any scope of any ‘Surgical Strike’ or ‘joint military operation’ from the side of the Indian army.

The Myanmar Government never allowed any other country’s army operation in its territory. Earlier in June 2015, there was same outrage that Indian Army performed ‘surgical strike’ against North-Eastern insurgents inside Myanmar which was officially nullified by Myanmar Government.

As reported by The Irrawaddy magazine, “the Myanmar Army ‘Tatmadaw’ and the ‘Arakan Army’ are in armed conflict since last year”.

The same magazine also reported that from the last few days the Myanmar Army ‘Tatmadaw’ is using Airstrikes on the northern Rakhine State of the country.

Several International media slammed Indian media for such ‘fake news’ and criticized that Indian media is ‘Propaganda machine of BJP‘.

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