On the way of Bangladesh Election


Sheikh HasinaBy- Swadesh Roy | Date- July 08, 2012

When road agitation is absent and inflation is going down then like a bolt from the blue for the government of Bangladesh came down the cancellation of the loan of World Bank in Padma Bridge project. The politics of Bangladesh is now centering on this. The opposition allies of Bangladesh are very happy now because they have got a political issue but they are also in problem of that issue because they cannot express a delight on this. If they express goes up people will be unhappy on this, because people of Bangladesh want the Padma Bridge.

But what is happening in the opposition camp is not the main issue of the government camp in Bangladesh. Government is trying to wash their hand from the allegation of the World Bank. On the other hand they are thinking seriously how to start Padma Bridge.

Prime Minister of Bangladesh has said in the parliament that they are ready to start the work of the Padma Bridge with their own fund. But situation is saying that, government is going to do two things simultaneously; they will start the work of Padma Bridge by their own fund and with the help of Japan , Islamic development bank and Asian Development Bank; on the other hand they will continue their negotiation with World Bank for review World Bank’s decision.

Opposition allies of Bangladesh have understood the plan of the government so they are not trying to walk a long on this issue. But they are now in wait and see war plan. They are thinking that, if government fails to start work of Padma Bridge that will be the big issue for them in the next general election. Basically the main opposition of Bangladesh, Bangladesh National Party (BNP) has taken decision that they will walk on the way of next election. Therefore, their leader Khaleda Zia is giving all the speech in the context of next election. She is telling always, what her party will do after succession of power; besides that, one of the main Bengali Dailies of Bangladesh has published a report that, BNP has failed in the road agitation politics. They could not draw the attention of the people to their movement. People did not support their demand. Here it is to mention that, last couples of months BNP has been trying to do a much movement in support of Care Taker Government.

That Bengali daily of Bangladesh also has written that, opposition allies are now divided in this issue; main party of the allies of opposition BNP is walking on the way of election now, on the other hand their Main ally Jamata Islami Bangladesh(Jamat) want to do a much movement before December. The Bengali daily also mentions that, Jamat also in big trouble now, because their main leaders are on trail having been accused of war crime and it may be happen that, the War Crime Tribunal can give some verdict in December.

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On the way of Bangladesh Election

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 8 min