Rice production and the wage of Agricultural workers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Rice Cultivation

By- Swadesh Roy | Date- May 31, 2012

We cannot harvest properly our paddy due to insufficiency and over wage of the agricultural worker. Most of the workers are engaged in government development work. They are getting taka 7500 to 8000 ($100) from 240 working hours. So, male and female workers like to work in government development project’. It is a comment of a farmer of northern district of Bangladesh. He has one hector farm land. He has cultivated their Boro paddy. But he cannot harvest it for scarcity of agricultural worker. Now it is the main paddy of Bangladesh. Ten to fifteen years ago Aamon was the main paddy of Bangladesh. But it has been changed by the agricultural scientist of Bangladesh. They have done a tremendous job. They have devised many variety of rice. Most of the varieties give more production.

In Bangladesh agricultural production management is very good. Administration of agricultural sector is doing better for helping the farmer to produce their production. In every season of the rice production government has ensured fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, electricity, oil and water. Two years ago in the season Amon plantation; country was suffering from drought then government had given to the farmer electricity free of cost. In that way, government has tried to fulfill the need of the farmer every time. That’s why in the last week, the ambassador of America in Bangladesh has said that, Bangladesh has a big achievement , they can produce their own food. A few number of countries can do it.

Bangladesh is now self sufficient in their main food (rice). Even than, Bangladesh is exporting a number of fine quality rice. According to the world market, in Bangladesh price of rice is now low. Besides that, without importing rice, the government is giving rice in low rate to the poor people purchasing from the local market. There are 3.8 million women working in the garment sector in Bangladesh. Government is giving 20 kg rice at low price to each worker every month. Besides that, a huge number of low income people were getting rice at low price from the government in village, township and the city. So, in Bangladesh poverty has decreased rapidly. In the village, township and the city poor people do not agree to work at cheap rate.

At the time of planting and harvest season it is too tough to manage agricultural worker. The cost of the agricultural worker then touches the sky. It goes then $4.5 to $5 for 8 hours. It is too high for the land owner for farming. Now is the time of Boro paddy harvesting. One of the farm owners of northern district of Bangladesh told two week ago that, having tried one week he could manage five agricultural workers but he had to pay them $5 for 8 hours. But price of 40kg paddy is $5.5. So it is too expensive for the farmer. On the other hand, the agricultural workers think that, if they go to work in the city they will get more. So, farmers are now bound to pay this rate. Having got this wage working class people of Bangladesh are happy now, because they are earning more money and they are getting rice at low price, which is their main food.

So, it is another challenge for the government of Bangladesh now, how they can minimize these things. It is obvious that, agricultural worker has to get a high wage to reduce poverty on the other hand farmer has to get their profit from farming. As we know that, the policy levels of the government are now thinking a special system of subsidy for the cultivation of rice and other agricultural product. Besides that government is thinking to modernize the farming more.

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Rice production and the wage of Agricultural workers in Bangladesh

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