Save Democracy Save Bangladesh

The ongoing happenings in Bangladesh worry the peace-loving people around the world. None gets logic why controversially elected government that claims to believe in democracy could be so cruel and remain in power defying the outcry of the international communities, not to speak of the poor Bangladeshis.

History never experienced such despotic and cruel rule in any democratic country. Sheikh Hasina, who brands her as the champion of democracy, acts as tyrant and autocrat. It is now known to all that Sheikh Hasina, at the instigation of India, blows the reign of terror over the liberal moderate democratic Bangladeshi people.

To restore democracy the BNP-led 20 party alliance imposed peaceful blockade when their democratic rights were totally denied by Sheikh Hasina. It needs to be mentioned that Sheikh Hasina imposed such blockades twice when she was in the opposition camp though her democratic rights were not denied and the situation was not so worse. The then BNP government didn’t behave with her in such tyrant way what she (Sheikh Hasina) does today.

To foil the current peaceful blockade and brand the 20-party leaders and supporters as terrorists, agents of the Indian intelligence agency RAW and pro-government beneficiaries launch attack through petrol bomb and arson on trucks and other vehicles. None of the attackers was ever arrested on spot, though the law enforcing agencies are deployed everywhere. Such attacks even occurred in presence of police and BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) personnel, as the attackers belong to government camp. Well after the occurrences BNP and Jamaat leaders and activists are arrested on various charges which are fake and false. In many cases BNP and Jamaat leaders and activists are lifted from their houses or streets and later killed by police.

Government ministers, including commerce minister Tofail Ahmed, openly declared to suppress the democratic movement in the same way that India crushed the pro-Maoist Naxalites or Naxals in India. They even asked the police to shoot at sight the opposition activists. One of them even declared to kill the opposition supporters of neighborhoods without trial.

Entire media, judiciary, administration, law enforcing agencies are controlled by Sheikh Hasina and they carry out whatever orders Hasina gives. Under such situation a region of terror now sweeps over Bangladesh. Oppositions are denied minimum democratic rights. All the 68 prisons of Bangladesh are overcrowded. There is no single opposition leader, activist or supporter who is not an accused of more than one fake and politically motivated case.

At the prescription of India, all these atrocities are directed to compel the opposition activists to take arms so that the opposition activists could be termed and branded as terrorists and extremists to pave way to crush the patriotic forces who are liberal and believe in real sovereign democratic Bangladesh.

India wants that Bangladesh should engage in a civil war, so that Indian army is called by the ruling non-elected government. Once Indian army can enter Bangladesh it will never leave this country and a day will come when India will merge Bangladesh to Indian territory.

The Bangladeshi community living overseas feels that the UN, US, EU, Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea and the Muslim countries around the world should immediately look into the matter and save Bangladesh through persuading Sheikh Hasina to step down to hold a free and fair election under an impartial authority. Her resignation is the only way to save Bangladesh and restore peace and install a democratic government without further bloodshed.

International communities have little room to silently observe the silent massacre in Bangladesh and should take immediate step to stop it for the sake of humanity and democracy, and above all, to ensure the existence of a sovereign country. They should jointly ask India to withdraw its support from the despotic Sheikh Hasina government. Without Indian support, Sheikh Hasina will not be able to stay in power even for a day. If they fail to play their role, a nation that came into being to exist will be perished, not only due to Indian intrigues and the imprudence of its loyal allies who love power more than their country, but also the indifferent attitude of the leading countries that I mentioned above. In that case South Asia will experience indescribable turmoil and bloodshed, as the pro-independence people of Bangladesh will not allow India to swallow their country, for which they fought and sacrificed millions of their sons.

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