Volcanic eruption in Bangladesh politics

Bangladesh was a land of greens – and now in that green land volcanic eruption is mounting not geologically but politically. William Milam is a Senior Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, DC, and former US Ambassador to Pakistan and Bangladesh. He is attached with that soil for a long time. A recent column he go through “An ill wind blows from the east” (in the fridaytimes.com, 16 January 2015).  He was worried about the human rights abuse in Bangladesh, done by the present governing Awami league (AL). A reasonable sympathy grew in his mind through the humanitarian issue sketched a picture of the present turmoil that’s running through. He believes a real violence might emerge sooner or later. He visualized how the real freedom fighters even fronting the torture of jail and leaders were oppressed by (AL) govt.

Another post was deliberate by journalist Kuldip Nayar.  He is a veteran Indian journalist, human right activist and author, as a left-wing political commentator, a member of the upper house of the Indian Parliament in 1997. “The tragedy of Bangladesh” issued on pakistantoday.com, 18th January 2015. Both are anxious for the nation Bangladesh, as their posts are representing the same truth, but their assessments are totally different. According to Kuldip Nayar, Khaleda Zia boycotts the election, and somehow a free and fair election took place. He expressed New Delhi helped Bangladesh during liberation, now could play a role at this critical time. He indicates Bangladesh stands as a secular democratic state. He assured that peoples are religious at the same time liberal. Almost one million Hindus live with them without much interference. He focused that they heavily depend on foreign aids and he said it is America providing leading role. Two Begums blindly support outsiders; the key to unlock that problem stays in Hasina’s hand. He assumed it is too much to expect to announce elections to give a chance to BNP. At last, he wishes a fresh start from both the parties.

More or less I agree with Milam’s assessment. As a Bangladeshi origin, I cannot agree most of that assessment with Nayar’s fact. I will try to focus on Nayar’s argument as it could generate more questions. “But real truth is that the 4 point constitution was imposed on 1972, done by Delhi. 70’s election was based on 6 points under the Pakistan government, at that time four pillars were not articulated. After 72 as soon as AL hold the power, they started their artificial force command up to the nation. From that day indirectly they started a silence war against the nation and Islam. At that time AL did not have that right to vehemently impose unjustified ideology upon the people of Bangladesh. Before solving food and shelter, AL stated secularism a great tool was imposed by Delhi’s leader. Actually people’s objection did not influence up to the power holder.” (“Orokhito shadhinotai poradhinota” written by freedom fighter Major M. A. Jalil, was the commander of the Sector 9, during Bangladesh War of Liberation in 1971). Gradually a new concept of secularism infiltrated in the constitution; Bangladeshis are easily abducted tortured, death is a minor things for them, freedom is still a last dream for them.

It was a turmoil prepared from few years, when last time Sheikh Hasina overcame the election by taking bribes from India, 1000 Crores Taka (Indian media unveiled it). Freedom fighting was not an alternation of power, was not a war of bribe; it grew based on political and economic discrepancy of East and West Pakistan. It was not a secular or religious fighting. Muslim fought against Muslim, not for the religion. Every elections in past she took money from outsiders, (now a days it’s an open secret), this time her conspiracy was so deep rooted that by hook or by crook AL wants to do an election without attachment of major opposition party BNP. For upholding that strategy they played that role nakedly. Nayar’s views about AL’s overpowered a free and fair election is totally wrong information, except India no other world member echoes with that, his voice resounding same as AL. That is the genuine problem of that nation. Reality shows in that election 153 were selected, not elected. And the rest were in trouble facing questions, even Awami League did not go for vote, only some thugs’ tracks on election ground. Nobody had any respect for that vote. Dogs were roaming all around; it was the real portrait of election. It was noted 5% vote was cast and we saw picture of casting made-up vote sealed by school children of 9/10 years boys plus under the control of party cadres. All are open to the nation, contemporary talk, H. T. Imam Prime Ministers advisor assured all trickery of vote and the trickery of victory they did. They knew 5% is enough for a victory. To prove these corruptions no need to go to media, their advisors are enough to expose all stories. A domestic opposition party they managed with their extra hand, Sujatha Singh needs to come to fix it. Ershad Mouse was caught by the cat Hasina and took him to the hospital by force and he played Golf in leisure time, U-turned towards cat and kill the nation for the second time as a CONFIRM dictator.

Within a short time, in February, 2009 “BDR Mutiny” the major disastrous game done by the ruling party. Lots of information indicated the government’s connection with that mutiny, not one or two. An investigation was done by Lieutenant General Jahangir Alam Chowdhury, but it was an eruption of her government’s conspiracy. To get that Jahangir Alam’s survey Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina argued with grief, “you can add my name too!” By this way inquiry and truth vehemently stapled to discontinue. I did an inexperience survey, collecting only the title messages of the important poles from papers of Bangladesh that could be the great source of inspection and it was more than 20 pages long. I selected a name when I gathered messages from press media, “Bangladesh-er Chock diye dekhlam” means “Watch in the eyes of Bangladesh”.  I feel troubled to visualize that eruption, thought it might be a pen; tiny tool can give me some comfort to do for the nation.

It was heard that prime minister’s son Joy wrote a fabricated column titled “Stemming the rise of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh”. He provided the information that the BNP allied government appointed 30% Madrassa students as soldiers during their regime; though it has no evidence at all. Rather International human rights institution, Asian Federation against involuntary disappearance in short AFRAID condemned against the government’s overall issues. Killing, abduction, remand, arrest, torture, looting in banks, share banks, garments all are in that whirlwind, erupting the nation in that volcanic excitement. In an international seminar in 2000 Bangladesh Institute of Strategic Studies, Indians presented an advice to eradicate BDR and form a new collection like Ansar or Rakhibahini (Daily Nayadiganta 03 March 2009, Bangladesh). Everything is designed according to that Indian policy without the consent of the nation and its’ people. After mutiny, government removed all the spots and roots of BDR and turns them as border guard those have no much power to do anything. Before they resembled border tigers, now they are like border cats. They cannot strongly protect border killings, as a result constant exploit going on by BSF. Successively Falanis’ preyed like birds in BSF hand, killing Bangladeshis is the most amusing game to them. During Pakistan period or later their skill was zero to stand with BDR. After altering BDR in 2009, BSF can kill hundreds of Felanis’ (Bangladeshi bird) with their pleasant shot.

Right now Border Guards Bangladesh(BGB) came to exterminate the entire nation with arms. BGB Chief Major General Aziz Ahmed ordered on behalf of that. Lots of things were designed by supreme authority, were not disclose even to their own assembly members. History displayed during Mujib period temporarily for only 24 days Indian Government started Farakka dam as assessment test but still their 24 days is successively running. They could not generate any dam in Pakistan period; within a short time after liberation they justified it. Subsequently, the river Padma turns as a thirsty paddy land. It is the fate of a nation that India is sucking the blood of a nation. The same way transit surprises without paying a penny and they are using land in Bangladesh passing their Lorries, because they designed a conspirator like Kazi Lhendup Dorji Khangsarpa of Sikkim in Bangladesh. As a neighbor and a reliable journalist Kuldip Nayar requests to express all that truth. He knows more than us, hundreds times better, we are not skilled in this slippery roadway. Those who love their country, right now they are in the turmoil, it is not only the question of BNP or Jamat, they are the humble folks of that nation, the question of survival, adjoining the running protest with them. It can be an appeal to them as their second liberation in 2015.

She is the most corrupt lady of the time – she prearranged the jobs for minorities and for her thugs, they do not need to fit for the post, the most important thing they need to maintain the party connection; it is their skilled requirement for a credential job. Their one long-standing companion Prime Minister’s advisor H. T. Imam recently exposed remarkably in a youth’s party gathering, it might be truth came out mystically, a slip of tongue. He said that we and our Prime Minister always undertaking for you all, before picking a job Prime Minister ask whether he or she is a party member or not, you do not need to do any viva, simply fix the theory exam to pass. That’s it, we will manage the rest. It might be unseen Supreme God is watching everything and sometimes unconsciously their Ministers are getting imbalance to unlock lots of top-secret imperfections. Bangladeshis did not face any problem with Hindus or others religions. Present government use her ruffians to destroy Hindu deities only to achieve an extra sympathy and to plan superfluous strategy against the oppositions. But in this video footage age, her criminals were caught in hand, the same result reflects on Bashkhali in Barishal, Sathia in Pabna, Satkhira, Ramu, Malopara, everywhere.

Hasina’s son’s bribery was wide-open in a Newspaper “Amar Desh”, for that reason Editor Mahmudur Rahman was in jail before. Later in war criminals case, same editor noted some Skype’s law-breaking methods that were exposed first in UK, republished in “Amar Desh” the attachment of stains, blackmailing Judiciary disorder.  The sad thing is that she promoted the corrupt judge and punished the editor who opened the Skype transgression. Recently one of her minister Latif Siddiqi exposed in open gathering New York that her son who resides in America, took money from Bangladesh costs I crore and 60 Lakhs for each month. First time people aware that news in public. Then the people needled this payment is more than the president of America. Police Rab BGB operated as her paid mediator; those were selected simply to fight for Awami party, not for the nation. She is not the Prime Minister rather she is the party’s Prime Minister.

From few years back, polices were appointed from her own local area and they were called as “Gopali Police” picked from Gopalganj 8,000 and Kishorgonj 7,000. Among 32,000 police recruited, she picked up for her own thugs as 15,000. Most of them are her student cadres and minorities. Right now they are killing the nation in a planned way. All the banks, share markets all are under her gangster’s threat. Set a simple example, news exposed one man named Hasan Uz Zaman Ispahani, the leader of her student cadres looted the BRAC bank money in Sylhet town (3 October 2013, Amardesh). Hundreds of instances are there; her criminals are looting the country. Ministers took the grand share of the cream. That’s why they are rebellious for her, only for that precise achievement for their own. International Federation of Journalists(IFJ) remarked about the discriminatory decision of the government of fastening and sealing the newspaper “Amar Desh” and its Editor. Medias are in real threat; recently the owner of Ekushe TV was arrested only because he televised the Khaleda Zia’s son Tarek Rahman’s speech. Their agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury delivered her irritation that they provided that Ekushe Media, why they carried that opposition’s speech in their media? Is that called democracy, Mr. Kuldip Nayar?

She is a dictator same like General Ershad, to play a foul game, she invited that dictator in politics and when he acquire power she openly said in media that “I am not unhappy with that”. At first she said if any goes with Ershad he or she will be a traitor (beiman), within few days, she took bribe and joined with that dictator. Is it democracy? She buried the democracy. In December 17, her son Shojib Wazed Joy managed a program with international company Savron 2009, without calling a tender Tafiq-e-Elahi took bribe of 5 million taka and her son shared of that 2 million. That information was published in the paper “Amar Desh”, force arrested Editor Mahmudur Rahman. Every time he challenged validity of that news but still it is her will to file anything against him or any.

Sundarbon represents a part of the world’s natural beauty located in Bangladesh – she took a coal project shared with India to throw the nation in great disaster. Continuous destruction of a nation made entire Bangladeshis rebellious; they loved their country and want to protect. Even in the disaster of climate change coal project would be hazardous more and more. Bangladesh would affect tremendously and government is enthusiastically contracted with that ill-fate. The conscious people protested that project but she forcefully imposed it upon them. It indicated that India will provide 15% cost but will receive 50% benefit. What kind of game it is? They want to destroy Bangladesh and Sundarbon both. Then the question is why not in India, why it is in a sea shore of a tiny land? It is sad to say Bangladesh a land; neighbors can impose bomb, drugs, yaba prepared for Bangladeshis, a free gift of liberation. But this is not fair for a neighbor country like India to act. That’s why the whole country is revolting against AL. News showed 101 opposition student leaders said, Prime Minister is afflicting revenge upon the nation (21 January, 15). Opposition leader Rizvi said the recent abducted BNP 5 leaders not yet return, only one dead body they found.  This terrible autocratic democracy designed by Sheikh Mujib’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.

Kuldip Nayar’s article, the most wide of the mark focus point is “the key to unlock the democracy on Hasina’s hand”. This observation is not fit for the situation. She is a dictator like Pakistan’s Yahya Khan, who was responsible to break a nation into two pieces. Again she wants to destroy the sovereignty of Bangladesh for the second time; their 90% people are Muslim. Sometimes situation is consequently so miserable that it displayed her action worse than Yahya khan. Majority Bangladeshis have faith in Islamic truth, the fairest true faith of religion, not believe on terrorism. Terrorism and Zongi is the disease of AL and it works on that power hunters’ brain only. During BNP regime the most terror zongi was caught and punished from AL leader’s Mirza Azam’s family. Most of the time they burnt minorities shelter, deities to design ill names against opposition but they fail to adorn. They imposed mostly the Jamat people to show that they are Muslim fundamental personality people destroying Hindus and some paid media and some paid agents only help to digest that. But the truth is that in real Islam minority oppression did never accepted this kind of actions and that’s why Babri Mosque issue or such things will never create in Bangladesh. Hasina’s Islam is far away from genuine Islam. She use the religion as a tool to misguide the nation, sometimes she use double Hizab, took tasbih to misuse the religion and she continuously blame others of using religion. No other party will openly use religion as a tool to misguide the people. Though history showed that once an atheist lady Taslima Nasreen voiced high on that, but research exhibited that she was also cast off as an Indian agent and tools of Raw. It is open to everybody Hasina is also using as a tool of Raw. It is almost clear to Bangladeshis. A bunch of information gathered in a book (“Bangladesh-e-Raw” written by Abu Rushd, published in 2001, Dhaka, Bangladesh).

We can remember India shackled and glued for 25 years of bond titled as peace after liberation; Bangladeshis called it slavery bond. To see the extreme destruction issues of the present government, George Galloway UK, politician proclaimed this government performance more than Israelis. Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the nobel prize owner of Bangladesh and his Grameen Bank victimized by govt. So Dr. Yunus voiced with regret that he wants to survive like a man, not like a slave. Sheikh Hasina renamed the Dhaka airport, before it was Zia International airport. But out of jealousy she erased Zia’s name from the airport but cannot able to erase that name from the heart of Bangladeshis. The Bangladeshi people titled this airport after their beloved president’s assassination. She misused the nation’s money which expenses 1400 crore Taka to fulfill her jealousy to rename it. Think about how much democratic she is? Last termination period, most of the Ministers and their leaders received guns arms through D.O. letters and their personal party identity. In capital city few thousands license was given to their people in 50 Thanas. Every local Thana 50 arms or more was given, published in Amardesh online 2013, it was said reporters went to every Thana and collected information from them.

We can remember in past, a comment was quote by William B Milam about Ziaur Rahman, “It’s hard to imagine what would have happened to Bangladesh had Ziaur Rahman been assassinated in 1975 instead of 1981. A failed state on the model of Afghanistan or Liberia might well have resulted. Zia saved Bangladesh from that fate (Ambassador William B Milam in ‘Bangladesh And Pakistan: Flirting With Failure In South Asia’, page 69).” Another danger news from an Indian paper, “under the control of Rastrio Shebok Shongho child temple (Shisu Mondir), Saraswati temple (Saraswati Mandir)’s schools textbook was designed with a special Future Indian Map with Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The name of that map would “Punnobhumi Bharat” means “Secret land of India” (‘Obogunthon Unmucho’(bangla) means ‘expose the shroud’, Asif Arsalan, Daily newspaper Sangram, 3 December 1998, Dhaka, Bangladesh). We are dreaming in twenty first century peace and tranquility but our big brothers are running back to the middle age of barbaric bureaucracy.

I will make conclusion with adding the last line from freedom fighter’s heartfelt writing, “Confronting a terrible war we hired four pillars but we cannot build a safe shelter for our own. Millions of oppressed people and the faithful people with tawheed (strong religious belief) eagerly pray for a safe and strong home not the portable pillars that was built by the foreigners” freedom fighter Major M. A. Jalil’s, “Orokkhito shadhinotai poradhinota”, (last stanza of his book). He exposed his deep feelings after liberation and dreamt for a safe homeland.

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