Hyderabad police issues safety notice for women – Gets trolled in Twitter


When Hyderabad Police issued an Advisory for Women’s Safety recently after the inhuman rape and murder of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor, it was largely criticized and trolled. While emotions are high and flowing right now as an aftermath of the tragedy, the way citizens in social media are abusing the advisory is not good and healthy, as it would lead to women and people undermine the advisory which is actually very important as well as relevant.

After the recent rape and murder of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor, Hyderabad police have issued an advisory for women in order to keep themselves safe when in dire situations. As such, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat stated that women should inform their families or friends about where they are traveling and share the live location with them.

Regarding the mode of transport used, Bhagwat suggested that the driver’s details and the number plate of the vehicle should also be shared with them. In addition, it was suggested that for safety, women to download ‘Hawk-Eye’, the Hyderabad police app and ladies should be ready to dial 100 while in trouble.

The advisory stated, “If you are in a helpless situation, please shout and run to a crowded area. Together we work to prevent crimes. Inform local police about local bad hats.” It added a WhatsApp number (9490617111) to send pictures for verification.

After the advisory came out, a lot of Citizens were visibly upset instead of welcoming or sharing this further. Social media did not welcome these steps, with many expressing outrages on Twitter that police should work on curbing crimes rather than asking women to keep themselves safe.

Khemchand Sharma, a member of BJP IT Cell, blamed Hyderabad police for the incident and pulled a political troll at similar.

Twitter got flooded with the hashtag #hyderabadpolice trolling the Hyderabad police.

Many are arguing that these guidelines may be useful for women, but it is unlikely that they can curb crimes against women, which happen year-after-year without any possible solution. Little has changed since Nirbhaya after all!

While it is true that Police is meant for the safety of the citizens, it is equally important for every sane and responsible citizen to help Police and the law curb crimes and create an atmosphere of safety.

While only circulating advisory will not help the government and police; criticizing and trolling will not help just as only an advisory will not help.

Just as asking women to protect themselves might not be enough, but people ignoring the advisory is not enough too.

Safety is not a woman’s responsibility alone. It is the responsibility of every responsible citizen.

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Hyderabad police issues safety notice for women – Gets trolled in Twitter

By: Pradip Deka Read time: 9 min