Election 2019 : Pakistan wants BJP to win, Modi to be Prime Minister again


A day ahead of the first phase of the Lok Sabha Election, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has stated that there is a better chance of peace talks with India if his counterpart Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the general elections in India.

“It is vital for Pakistan to have peaceful ties with its neighbors, Afghanistan, India and Iran if it was to have the kind of economy needed to pull 100 million people out of poverty,” Imran Khan remarked. “If the next Indian government is led by the opposition Congress party, it might be too scared to seek a settlement with Pakistan over Kashmir, fearing a backlash from the right,” the prime minister stated to foreign journalists in an interview yesterday.

Imran Khan further stated that since BJP is a right-wing party, it was better positioned to have a settlement on Kashmir could be reached, adding that the Kashmir issue was a political issue and could not be solved with the military.

Khan lamented that in current India, there is a growing alienation of Indian Muslims who are worried by extreme nationalism. He added that Modi, and likewise the like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is electioneering based on fear and nationalist feeling.

On the other hands, Imran reiterated that Islamabad was committed to acting against all militant groups in the country and that the government had the full support of the army for the programme.

Pakistan showing interest in BJP’s win is going to be an interesting point in elections and the opposition may use this to their advantage in upcoming poll campaigns.

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Election 2019 : Pakistan wants BJP to win, Modi to be Prime Minister again

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 4 min