Contaminated blood & Summer Drinks at a huge cost


HEAT WAVEBy- Kiron Kakoty

I am so fortunate that I have not had a misfortune yet to need a blood transfusion. I hope that it will never happen. No, No. I do not wish to be blessed by Himanta Biswa Sarma’s department where a generator operator has been reported to have been carrying out critical blood tests like cross matching, while his brother medically trained by Assam Taxpayers’ money giving services in Bilat keeping the UK’s National Health Services in a good shape!

It is distant memory now when I donated blood to save a young man. Reflecting that episode, may I humbly suggest that Himanta Biswa Sarma buys the services of his now English super trained brother to do some social positive engineering and set up a world class blood bank on volunteer blood donors across Assam. Am I day dreaming? In a land of rivers, in a century where there are technologies to harness this renewable energy source quite easily and inexpensively , there is not enough indigenous power production to keep the hospital equipments powered constantly; maybe not. On the other hand, there are confident dreamers who can visualize making Guwahati the best city all round in South Asia. Are they bunch of boasters or fools?

So Himanta Biswa Sarma with your power and wealth, is not what I suggest just a small challenge? Are you man enough to take it on and accomplish it to fruition?

By the way, if I happen to require a blood transfusion, I do not want any. I would rather die quickly than acquire HIV and die a slow and horrible death. Perhaps you would wish the same. But, But, perhaps the Indian Air Force will be put into action to fly in blood and your brother from England in your hour of need.

You lucky devil!!!

Townies, come to my village to escape the heat wave. ( in keeping with Deepali’s “Bondhu Xomoi Paale Aamar Fale ebar Aahi Jaba”)
“The global warming has brought in heat waves to Assam, causing fatalities”. Yes it is very easy to place blames. The obvious ones are ignored. Leafy Guwahati has been turned into a concrete jungle and the receding green canopy over Assam is not at fault!

People of Assam, get ready for more heat waves as our virgin forests are decimated. If you want to save yourselves, plant fast growing evergreens at the speed of light to repair the green canopy and stop pollution for a start. This is easily achievable people just volunteering.

I am amazed to see reports people spending over 40 Lakhs or Rupees per day in drinking bottled beverages and eating Ice Creams in Assam. What is wrong with drinking safe water to maintain the fluid intake to prevent dehydration?

Drinking all these beverages and Ice creams are cooling? How can it be? After momentary cool feel from the refrigerated stuff, the extra calories start a further heat build up in the body is an information even the barefoot Doctors should be well versed to educate lay people. But, may be all these advices fall in deaf ears. Our people may feel more content by aping behavior of dwellers of metropolis.

I am better placed in my village to cope with it. I have water filled earthenware pots stored in my cool kitchen corner, the floor of which is mother earth; the walls are made of hollow reed (Eekora) the thatched roof of Xon.

I have put some green coconut in a large vat of water. I have mats made of Patidoya to lie on spread over the earthen floor. My roof is finely thatched to a depth of one foot lined underneath with Paatee. The mud plastered walls of my house is made of Eekora, an excellent insulator, hence I do not have to hanker for Air Conditioning. Oops, I should have said AC the more or less meaningless two letters are more meaningful to most Assamese!

I have several trees close to my house. I mostly seat underneath the Lesoo(Lychee) tree with thick green leaves, reclined on a cotton hammock with a self woven fan(Bisonee) in my hand.

Am I making you envious and you fuming inside?

Come on and sip with me a cup of Black(Fika) unsweetened tea which should cool you down in no time.

Is my message understood?

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Contaminated blood & Summer Drinks at a huge cost

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