Beware of Facebook’s “dislike” button’!!

Troubles in Facebook never seem to end, and this time it comes in the name of users being targeted by a rogue application for access to their profiles – following which they are offered to have a ‘dislike’ button installed. The scam, then posts spam messages, and even lures users into completing surveys for which the scammers are paid money.


The scam prompts users to download an application with a message that reads ‘Download the official DISLIKE button now’ and if the user allows the access, it prompts them to install a rogue application, which does not function as a dislike button. Instead, it updates the user’s page with a link and a message: “I just got the dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!!”

Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos, said that the surveys seem to be from genuine companies but Ron Sharpp, CEO of FaceMod, claimed that his company was “in no way affiliated with the online scams”. “In response, we’ve taken efforts to remind our users that those are not official posts and warning users not to download any version of our add-on from an alternate source,” he added.

Whats evident is only the fact that the Dislike Button is nothing but only a new spam in your profile!

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