Assam Police Tax collector at the four day gambling program of Jorhat Races


With celebration round the corner following the announcement of Jorhat races 2014 from 20th till 23’rd of February, 2014 in the British established Gymkhana club situated at Khelmati in Club Road, an unexpected convergence of people has been witnessed at the venue site together with the presence of horses and their riders midst reports of large scale gambling in an organized way in the deep interiors of the golf course and the racing track.

Incidentally the prestigious Governors cup and many other Tea sponsored cups are given away during the four day program that sees the arrival of distinguished guests like the Governor, Assam Chief Minister, Army top brass and senior executives of the organizers belonging to the tea gardens. As such, the four day program is the home to car rallies and other equestrian games. Behind all these the local population who are warded away from the fences of the executive classes show of pompousness do find way for their own entertainment and merry making by taking part in gambling and trying their luck to earn a few bucks from the various games of cards, dices and others like jhandimunda (local name) and Teen Patti (3 cards game). Not to mention the flourishing business of country liquor adding to the colorful taste of the festivity. With a huge turnover of the people to gamble, a very few actually witness the horse race which is the main attraction of the age old game. Without any fix set of regulation, permission, and the four day program of gambling goes to the tune of Lakhs of rupees that is un-taxed. But there must be someone who is supposed to have an eye over the un-taxed money, someone who simply warms their pockets with every visit and after receiving their slice of the cake assures the gamblers to continue the trade. Any idea who they might be? Well it’s none other than the guardians of our society, the law enforcers, the Assam Police.

Not our opinion, the bookies, traders and gamblers of the four day program claim it over the camera as seen in the video and very shamelessly and without regret confirm the rates over the different stalls and games ranging from the lowest of Rs 1000 to the highest Rs 3000. It is here that Times of Assam would like to ask the top brass of the Assam Police reading this news about clearing their stand in the wake of the illegal gambling and the policeman’s role in protecting the gamblers and allowing the gamble. Are not the Assam Police facilitating such illegal practices and allowing crime to rise since our readers must be aware of violent activities that takes place in the game of gamble when a person looses and also when anyone wins. Anti social elements looms large over the place and can target anyone easily who may get beaten up, murdered, gang attacked and looted of his illegal income.

And just when Times of Assam identified one such policeman of the Lichubari Outpost under whose jurisdiction the Gymkhana club falls and was asked as to how much tax he collected, the civil clad policeman hurriedly started his bike and zoomed off in seconds while trying to hit another media person who was filming his activities. The same policeman in the Assam police dress can be witnessed in Times of Assam crime news Laptop thief arrested in Jorhat.

The big question emerging at this hour is whether or not there is anyone in the Assam Police organization to bell these incidents or should we start believing that a sizeable amount from such illegal income goes to the pockets of senior police officials as has been alleged from time to time by the general public. Maintaining the sanctity of the organization and implementing reforms with a positive approach can alone take it to renewed heights and ensure a crime free state.

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Assam Police Tax collector at the four day gambling program of Jorhat Races

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 11 min